31 Posts You May Have Missed in August

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31 Posts You May Have Missed in August
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Strategy of the Month

Back to School with AAC

AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom & Speech Room

PrAACtical Partnerships: AAC & Academics

AAC Around the School and Beyond

Core Words & the Curriculum

PrAACtical Thinking

5 Things to Remember About AAC Technology

Fun Friday Commenting to the Max

31 Posts You May Have Missed in July

Keep Calm & ………….

Great Music Apps & AAC Language Goals

 5 Free Resources for Making Communication Boards & Visual Supports

5 Reasons to Say Yes to ‘NO’

Magic Moments with Tellagami

Watch It Wednesday: AAC Core Word Vocabulary teaching by Gail Tatenhove & Robin

5 Ways to Use Sequenced Message SGDS and APPS

7 Writing Apps & Activities for ALL Writers

PrAACtical Uses of QR Codes

Watch This: Example of Teaching Expressive Language with the iPad & AAC Device by the Awesome AAC Chicks

5 Things to Consider About Data Collection in AAC

6 Reasons to Thank An App Developer

Decorating AAC Style

5 Things to Tell Families Who Feel Unsuccessful with AAC

September PrAACtice with A Year of Core WordsWorth Repeating: Beyond Good & Nothing Inquiring Minds Want to Know

How I Do It

One Can Never Have Too Many Visuals with Robin McCallister & Jane Rairden

Think Inclusive’s Tim Villegas presents: Essential Assistive Technology for the Inclusive Classroom

Get Your Students Talking with a Versatile AAC ACtivity by Lauren Enders

Video of the Week

School Strategies for Everyone Includes Visual Supports

Be the BEST AAC Facilitator: Begin with Aided Language Input

AAC & Alternate Assessments for the Common Core

AAC & AT Supports in Early Intervention

Literacy for All: A Video Series by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite 


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