Keep Calm & …

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Keep calm & ...........
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We had some great experiences this week with some awesome client’s and their families.  We were reminded of this very effective language facilitation strategy:

Keep Calm and Wait Expextantly


And if you need some ideas for waiting, check out 10 ways to practice waiting… for language.

Waiting works best when you wait with eye brows raised (expectantly) and then if needed use a gestural cue towards the communication display and if more cueing is needed point to a more specific communication display cell(cells) as options. By then, you will probably get a self-initiated communication message. If not, model & honor the inferred intent and find another communication opportunity and wait…..


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This post was written by Robin Parker

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  • Robin says:

    I want to print this and post it all around the school!! We all need a visual reminder of the importance of waiting and waiting expectantly. Thanks for this post.

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