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Welcome to Stepping into AAC !

Stepping into AAC  is a collaborative project created by PrAACtical AAC and the Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) that focuses on supporting families who want to integrate AAC into their lives.  There are 20 weeks of Stepping into AAC materials, which are intended to provide simple, week-by-week resources to help families support beginning communicators of all ages. Each week, there are easy hands-on activities, videos and companion handouts, and a newsletter to learn from. Thanks to the generous support of the ASF, these materials are available at no charge. 

Stepping into AAC is designed for families that include:

  • Children, adolescents, and adults who are new to AAC and would benefit from using communication aids with high-frequency words or core vocabulary; and
  • Individuals of any age who previously used AAC but are not currently communicating with it throughout the day. 

We hope that Stepping into AAC will support and inspire those just getting started with AAC, those seeking momentum, or anyone wanting to learn more about AAC. 

Each week of the Stepping into AAC program offers “stepping stones” to help families and learners acquire new skills.  Each week includes three stepping stones – AACtion Steps, Signposts, and Travelogs– along with bonus resources pertinent to the week’s target theme. 

AACtion Steps (Hands-on Activities)

AACtion Steps emphasize engagement and action, encouraging parents and partners to use their AAC tool right at the start of their journey by participating in 5 days of easy hands-on activities.

Signposts (Videos & Companion Handouts)

Signposts offer more detail on each weekly theme through exploratory and instructional videos led by parents and professionals and digital handouts that emphasize key points and strategies.

Travelogs (Newsletters)

 Travelogs offer a deeper dive into the themes explored each week and are designed specifically for parents to share with their teams.

Are You Ready?

Great! Our “Getting Started” page is a great place to start.

Meet the Team

The Stepping into AAC team worked hard to design and organize the multimedia content included in this project. 

Dr. Carole Zangari, Project Director

Dr. Carole Zangari is a Professor in the Speech-Language Pathology department at Nova Southeastern University, where she teaches graduate courses in AAC and supports student clinicians. In addition, Dr. Zangari serves as the Executive Director of the Broward satellite of the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD). She is a frequent presenter on AAC topics at international and national conferences. Dr. Zangari is the co-editor of Practically Speaking Language, Literacy, and Academic Development for Students with AAC Needs and co-author of TELL ME: AAC in the Preschool Classroom and TELL ME Más: CAA en el Aula Preescolar. Dr. Zangari recently co-authored a multimedia online training module on AAC and Autism for OCALI. She blogs at

Tabi Jones-Wohleber, Video Lead, Parent Interviewer, & Creator of Companion Handouts

Tabi Jones-Wohleber is an AAC-focused SLP supporting families through the WV Birth to Three program. She previously worked as a school-based Assistive Technology Team leader for 17 years. Tabi created the widely shared Model as a MASTER PAL training series and has authored chapters on AAC implementations in various texts. Tabi has worked with Angelman Syndrome family organizations in multiple countries and presents on AAC-related topics at state, national, and international conferences.

Rachael Langley, AACtion Steps Lead & Graphic Design

Rachael Langley is a seasoned speech-language pathologist specializing in Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC). With 20+ years in the field, she’s an advocate for supporting students with complex communication needs within inclusive school settings. Rachael is a co-founder of the #TalkingAAC non-profit, where she sits on the Board of Directors. Most recently, Rachael began working with AssistiveWare as an independent contractor, focusing on school implementation and product development. To share her skills and experience, Rachael presents at state, national, and international conferences on topics related to AAC implementation. Her creative side thrives by designing AAC-related graphics and materials.

Michaela Ball, Videography & Sound Design

Michaela Ball is a CF-SLP who works with students in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah and serves on the district’s assistive technology team. She began her journey working in film as a production sound recordist and now uses her filmmaking skills in conjunction with providing speech and language intervention to individuals ages 3-22. She is also the editor of Talking With Tech, an AAC podcast. She enjoys discussing AAC, acoustics, and sound art.


Krista Hadeed Larson, M.S., CCC-SLP: Travelog

Photo of Krista Larson, M.S., CCC-SLPKrista Larson is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and owner of Utter Brilliance Therapy Services, serving families in South Florida and the island of Trinidad. She has a passion for guiding and supporting families throughout their AAC journeys. Krista has presented at the national level and has held AAC workshops for families and clinicians in the Caribbean. She is enjoying life as a new mom. 


Additional support for this project was provided by Erin Sheldon and Marlene Cummings, AAC specialists who graciously provided input to this project. They each contributed to the videos and we are grateful to them for lending their expertise and support.

Tanna Neufeld, M.S., CCC-SLP: Web Support

Tanna Neufeld is a pediatric speech-language pathologist and family coach, serving families in the US and abroad.  She is also the founding director of AACcessible & The AAC Academy, a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization serving complex communicators and their partners. Tanna is dedicated to increasing access to quality education and training surrounding AAC topics for parents and professionals alike. She has presented and consulted internationally on topics related to early childhood, AAC, AT, and ASD. She loves web and graphic design, product development,  and spending time with family and friends in the beautiful landscape of Colorado. 


Stepping into AAC was made possible through the collaborative work of several individuals and organizations. We thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to this project.

Featured AAC Learners

We are immensely grateful to the AAC learners whose images, stories, and video clips are used in Stepping Into AAC materials. 



Parents of AAC Users

The input and participation of many families who supported this work nourished this project’s authenticity and practicality. We offer heartfelt thanks to Becky Burdine, Dawn Bly, Deborah Trejo, Karen Hoerst, Kathryn Ely, and Stacey Davis, who participated in interviews that appear in our videos. 


AAC Companies

The communication boards offered as options for those using Stepping Into AAC are available due to the generous support of the following companies.

Additional Support

We thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to this project.

  • Chief Inspiration Officer & Guest Video Host: Erin Sheldon, M.Ed.
  • Guest Video Host: Marlene Cummings, M.S., CCC-SLP
  • Zach Hoaglund: Additional videography
  • Students at Nova Southeastern University: Brooke Gallo, Lauren Borges, Tomomi Souza, & Naidej Troncoso
  • Other licensed content used within this project: Drawn to AAC, JB Design

Ready to Get Started?

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