AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom and Speech Room

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AAC 'Must Haves' for the Classroom & Speech Room
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As we were getting ready for back to school and thinking about ‘must haves’, it quickly became apparent that it is not so easy to narrow it down. And the ‘must haves’ would definitely vary depending upon type of class, students, and even school.  Based on a wide variety of differences, we organized a wide variety of choices to explore (we apologize in advance if we got carried away but…). Choose what you need, bookmark what  you may need later and let us know your  ‘must haves’ for a classroom and speech room AAC collaborative approach.  We will create an ongoing list.

#1Get Started Before School Starts        Get Started with AAC- Doing Something is Better than Doing Nothing

#2Prepare Visual Supports for Expression, Understanding and Organizing

#3Project an AAC Attitude!Quote- Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

#4Check Out Specific AAC Resources & Materials

Whoo checked out these awesome Resources

#5Develop a Personal Learning Network/Continued Knowledge


Please let us know YOUR ‘must haves’ for a classroom and speech room AAC collaborative approach. 

Keep Calm & Teach On

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