Research Reviews Supporting the Use of AAC

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Research Reviews Supporting the Use of AAC
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When recommending AAC, SLPs often find it useful to use research findings to support their clinical rationales. Sometimes we share articles with colleagues and families, or provide references in evaluation or consultation reports. In this post, we share a number of research reviews, studies which examined previously done research in AAC. Finding a relevant systematic is like hitting the jackpot, because the researchers have already done an exhaustive search of the literature on the topic, then analyzed the studies that met their criteria. Here are several research reviews that might come in handy during your AAC work.

  • Ganz, J.B., Earles-Vollrath, T.L., Heath, A.K., Parker, R.I., Rispoli, M.J., & Duran, J.B. (2012). A meta-analysis of single case research studies on aided augmentative andResearch Reviews Supporting the Use of AAC alternative communication systems with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 42,1, 60-74.
  • McCarthy, J., & Light, J. (2005). Attitudes toward individuals who use AAC: Research review. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 21(1), 41-55.
  • Millar, D. C., Light, J. C., & Schlosser, R. W. (2006). The impact of AAC intervention on the speech production of individuals with developmental disabilities: A research review. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research , 49(2), 248-264.
  • Schlosser, R. W., & Blischak, D. M. (2001). Is there a role for speech output in interventions for persons with autism? A review. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 16(3), 170-178.
  • Schlosser, R. W., & Sigafoos, J. (2006). Augmentative and alternative communication interventions for persons with developmental disabilities: Narrative review of comparative single-subject experimental studies. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 27(1), 1-29.
  • Schlosser, R. W., & Wendt, O. (2008). Effects of Augmentative and Alternative communication intervention on speech production in children with autism: A systematic review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 17(3), 212-230.
  • Tien, K.C. (2008). Effectiveness of the Picture Exchange Communication System as a functional communication intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorders: A practice-based research synthesis. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 43(1), 61-76.


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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Carol Anderson says:

    Thank you for this. You called it a jackpot and I totally agree. We just don’t have the time to survey all the research ourselves. Now what time we do have can be put to good use and get results more effectively from not having to start at square 1.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Glad you found this helpful, Carol. The effort put into conducting a research review is immense, so I think it is good for everyone when the word gets out that these studies are out there.

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