Begin AAC Now: 10 Things To Do

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Begin AAC Now10 Things To Do
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Begin AAC Now

If you know someone with significant speech difficulties, BEGIN AAC NOW….

If you know someone,  try something…

Doing something, even if it isn’t perfect, is infinitely better than doing nothing at all….

There is no specific order for these suggestions, try what is appropriate and doable for you…

A year from now you may wish you started today (K. Lamb)…

So begin now at any level.. for someone, a class, a clinic, for a few…

Script All Done

  1. Create a Visual Language & AAC Environment: Visual Immersion Program, Meaningful Language Experiences, Importance of Using Visual Supports
  2. Speak AAC to the AAC Learner:  Use Aided Language Input (ALI), Learning to Use ALI
  3. Get Assessment Information:  Communication Matrix ,  AAC Evaluation GenieThoughts & IdeasAAC Assessment Forms,
  4. Write & Implement Some AAC Goals: Goals That Matter, AAC in the IEP by Lauren Enders,  PrAActical Goals
  5. Learn and Use a Core Word Approach: Core Word Communication Board Samples, About Core Words- First 36
  6. Create Individual Communication Boards & Displays: Communication Book Starter Sets by Picture SET, Communication Books by Baltimore Public Schools, Activity Specific Communication Boards by Dade County Pre-K ESE,  Apps for Communication Board Creation
  7. Provide AAC Support in the Classroom: Fresh Look by Joan Bruno, Supporting Teachers by Jane Farrall, A Few Good Words
  8. Create an AAC Personal Learning Network: 5 Skills for New AAC Facilitators  Developing PLN’s, 10 Things To Do For Free in 10 Minutes or Less,
  9. Support Literacy and AAC: Resources,  Loving More Resources
  10. Get AAC Acceptance: Building Acceptance, Path to AcceptanceSharing Information, Acceptance & Accessibility,

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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Rose-Marie says:

    “Doing something, even if it isn’t perfect, is infinitely better than doing nothing at all….”

    This is SO important! People in the helping professions crave what is BEST for those we serve, and yet sometimes just getting started with something is the best we can do. The “perfect” technology for some of our kids/clients hasn’t yet hit the market, but they still need a way to communicate…today. We can’t make them wait. Thanks for the reminder, Robin. So true!

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Exactly. Thanks so much for taking the time to write and you expressed just what we were trying to get across. Sometimes all we need is a starting point.

  • Ambar says:

    Thank You Robin for the wonderful article, it’s true what they say something is better than nothing! This just reminds me why I am looking forward to working as a SP in the future! Any help is great.

  • CMBG says:

    What does AAC stand for? Even if it’s obvious to people who use it, or who help others use it, it’s not obvious to a whole lot of people who might benefit from it — maybe people who were told to read this article, it could help, and now they’re here and thinking, “OK, but what is this AAC, exactly? Is it like a new kind of speech therapy or behavior therapy? Is it typing instead of writing? Is it a kind of sign language?”

    Once in each post, or maybe up at the name of the blog, please define what “AAC” means for first-time visitors.

    Thank you!

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