Creating Communication Boards: There are Lots of Apps for That

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Creating Communication Boards- There are lots of apps for that
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To continue on with the theme of the month, here are some app (and computer based) resources for easily creating your own communication boards: 

Pogo BoardsPogo Boards

Pogo Boards is a communication board creator for both the computer and the iOS platform. You can make traditional grid-based communication boards and a variety of other visual supports.  Pogo Boards also has a variety of pre-made boards that users share.  Price: – Free trial period with premium account, then Free basic account, Subscription price for ongoing premium account

Symbly Go App Icon Symbly Go & Symbly

Symbly is a computer based communication board creator. Communication boards are super easy to create, share, and print out.  Symbly Go is an iOS platform app that allows you to view your communication boards (and other visual supports) on your iPad.  Your communication boards will automatically be downloaded to your iPad (even when there’s no Internet connection available).  There is text to speech capability if needed.  Price: free 30 day trial then monthly subscription

 Custom Board App iconCustom Boards 

Custom Boards Premium is a communication board and activity creator for iOS platforms.  Custom Boards allows for a variety of grid based communication boards with an option to use a symbol library (smarty symbols) or your own images. The Custom Board app also lets you create individual games and activities.  Price $29.99

App Picture MakerPicture Card Maker 

Picture Card Maker allows you to create communication choice boards in a grid style. You can print the communication boards or access them on your iOS device. There is capability to record speech into each communication picture. Price: Free

App icon PhotoVocaPhotoVoca Android &  PhotoVoca iOS

PhotoVoca is a is switch accessible communication board creator for iOS AND Android platform tablets and phones. It supports both text-to-speech and digital voice recording. There are grid templates that can be used. Price: Free

 Not an App but… Free and Easy (computer based, need internet connection to create but can save as PDF)

 ConnectAbility Visual Engine Website  ConnectABILITY is a virtual community and website focused on lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and their support networks. It is based in Canada and funded by a grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities.  ConnectAbility has many great resources, but today we are talking about supports for creating communication boards. The  Visual Engine allows you to easily create grid based communication boards with their pre-set symbol or image library or  you can add your own images.


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  • Kelly Brown says:

    Question, I am in the process of creating a board(s) for a 12 year old nonverbal student using Coughdrop. I have a list of core words to include that he is using but also want to add new core words. I am looking for suggestions on how to format his communication boards…do I create boards that are linked so he can create his own sentences or create context specific boards (ie: board for lunch, board for desktop work, board for speech etc.). I want this to be as functional as possible for him. Some thoughts or suggestions? TIA

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Kelly, it’s great that you are doing this and I want to be sure that I understand your question. When you ask about how to format the boards, are you talking about where to locate the various core words, how to link them in CoughDrop, or…? Give a little more info and I will get back to you.

      • Kelly Brown says:

        Thank you for responding! I am using Coughdrop and have made the home board with core words I have linked boards by categories vs. content specific (ie: click on “use” and he has some desired items; click on “eat” and there’s food items, click on “need” and it’s linked to help, more, napkin, fork, etc.) So my question was, how do you decide if this format is ideal or should I make links to specific boards for certain times of day (“lunch” link with all the words he may use during a lunch/snack time, or a Speech therapy board, or worktime board)… I have decided to go with the first option where the boards are organized more by categories so that it may be the most functional for him.. Love to hear your thoughts on how it is usually determined which way to go. : )

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