Video of the Week: The Importance of Using Visual Supports

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Video of the Week: The Importance of Using Visual Supports
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We’re always looking for great materials to share with colleagues and parents about topics related to AAC. This video by OCALI (the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence)  has been one of our favorites. It gives a brief overview of why visual supports are so important in the educational and clinical services provided to individual with ASD and other developmental disabilities.

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  • Lisa Seidel Salinas says:

    Please help me teach my son. Diagnosed at 3,’at 6 a patient/student if Dr Bradstreet/ICDRC Melbourne FL. He progressed well until the end of 1:1 therapy and monthly Dr visits. (Has ILNHP, Wakefield). Hee understands speak, some writing, but very difficult communication. I had PhD EE, then TBI good recovery, He does ABA4*\wk. I need small help getting started. He LOVES Computer, kindle

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