5 Resources for Social Narratives

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5 Resources for Social Narratives
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Social Stories™ are a research-supported strategy for helping people to better understand situations and concepts by making these events and the expected behavior within the events more explicit. Initially developed by Carol Gray of The Gray Center, they have a specific structure with rules for development. Here’s a quick overview.

5 Resources for Social Narratives

Direct Link to Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjlIYYbVIrI

Other people have developed their own form of social narratives with similar goals but a more flexible structure. If you’re looking for information and ideas for using social stories and narratives, take a look at some of the resources below.

First, let’s take care of an important question that should be on the mind of anyone thinking about using social narratives. Where’s the evidence regarding the effectiveness of this strategy? Lucky for us, much of it has been collected at the National Professional Development Center on ASD.

  1. Here in our own state, the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Network’s Region 2 Wiki has some wonderful social narratives in PDF and PowerPoint format.

  2. The Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports Project of the Kansas Technical Assistance Network has a large number of social narratives available for download.  You can check out their resources here.

  3. Heather, sister of two young men with ASD, created the Kids Can Dream Autism Website. It includes a number of social narratives.

  4. The Watson Institute has a number of social stories that cover a variety of topics.

  5. Little Tor Elementary School shared a number of social narratives on their site. Their stories are offered on PowerPoint, Word, and PDF formats.

Do you have a favorite place for information or examples of social narratives? Please share in the comments below. We’d appreciate any suggestions.


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    Hi Carol, thanks for the great information and resources on social stories! I recently did a video blog post of how to easily make social stories more engaging by making them musical. I also review an excellent free app that is perfect for putting social stories together. I hope you and your readers find this useful. Click on this link to watch http://bit.ly/18wwZxd

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