Visual Schedule Round-Up

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Visual Schedule Round-Up
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Visual Schedule Round-Up
Summer is not the season we typically connect with routine, predictability, and structure. Nonetheless, if  strategy really works to make someone’s life better, we try to use it whenever possible. Visual schedules work. They REALLY work. So whether you’re using them this summer or just preparing for the fall, we hope you enjoy this round-up of our past posts on Visual Schedules.

  1. Riddle Me This (clinical rationale)
  2. Tech it Up’- 5 Visual Schedule Apps (tools)
  3. Visual Strategies 411 (implementation)
  4. PrAACtical Mini Schedules (implementation)
  5. Ideas for Teaching the Use of Visual Schedules (implementation)
  6. Object Schedules (video)
  7. Strategy of the Month: Types of Visual Schedules (implementation)
  8. Visual Schedules in Action (video)
  9. Building Complex Schedules (video)
  10. Schedule Changes (Video)
  11. AAC at Home: Visual Schedules and Supports
  12. Schedules and Choices (implementation)Visual Schedule Round-Up
  13. Visual Schedules & Inclusion (video)
  14. A Myth About Visual Schedule Lives On (implementation)
  15. Visual Schedule Wrap-Up  (implementation + resource list)

Visual Schedule Round-Up

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