AAC Around the School & Beyond!

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AAC Around the School
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For the August Strategy of the Month, we have been thinking, writing, & talking about AAC in School.  School is where AAC learners spend a large portion of their days. There needs to be multiple opportunities for students to USE and LEARN AAC each day.   More than that though, we strive for full participation and interaction for students who use AAC.  Students should not have to prove that they can do these things before they have ACCESS to AAC strategies and intervention. Here are some things that can be done to help build AAC participation for both students and educators.

  1. Provide ACCESS to AAC devices and visual supports throughout ALL activities in ALL places in school and on school sponsored trips/community based instruction.
  2. Provide Aided Language Input when teaching AAC to students.
  3. Use a Core Word approach when teaching AAC to students but don’t forget about Fringe Vocabulary.
  4. Learn and use partner assisted communication strategies.
  5. Provide literacy instruction for ALL AAC learners.
  6. Learn about the communication and inclusive power of single message devices and then use them.
  7. Create a visual immersion environment.
  8. Build communication circles for AAC learners.
  9. Be an AAC  Mythbuster Around School.
  10. Have fun through meaningful language experiences with AAC in all school classes (don’t forget academic classes as well as electives, ‘specials’, clubs, etc.). 

More Ways to Learn and Implement AAC in School and Beyond…

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