Watch This- Learning Expressive Language with the iPad & AAC Device

August 20, 2013 by - 4 Comments

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Here is authentic AAC teaching by the AAC Chicks.  Watch for the combined use of AAC language facilitation strategies. Can you see: aided language input, wait & signal/time delay prompt, specific reinforcement, expansions, scaffolding, modeling, and more.  Also, for the SLP’s, notice the data collection that does not distract from the session.


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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Tyler Warner says:

    WOW! I loved watching this clip!!!! I am just beginning my second year as the SLP for an autism program in my school district. I have 2 kiddos that have just starting using i-pads (one is using Sonoflex and the other Proloquo2go) and I am searching for ways to use it during the day in their classes and what types of activities I can be doing with them in therapy. This clip gives me a really good starting point! Thank you so much!!! Do you know what apps she was using with this patient? Thank you again!

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Hi. Thanks so much for writing. The schedule app is ChoiceWorks (a super great app that does much more than schedules), and the other app is Picture this sentence or Picture This Sentence Lite by Hamaguchi Apps.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Tyler, thanks for stopping by to comment. They are using Picture this Sentence by Hamaguchi Apps. The schedule app is ChoiceWorks.

  • Grace byrne says:

    Hello and thank you for that informative video. My client is a lovely 26 year old lady who has Rett Syndrome. I am looking for an app that she can use that can facilitate her communication. She is currently using GoTalk and uses the back of her wrist to select options from a page. This is with my support and assistance as I guide her elbow and arm. Any suggestions? I also think she could benefit from an app that can allow her to make persentations like Keynote but with audio output. Any ideas?
    Thanks so much.

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