AAC Teaching- Begin with Aided Language Input

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Be the Best: AAC Facilitator: Begin with Aided Language Input
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Use Aided Language Input (ALI).  If you have never have worked with a student with AAC, are just beginning, or are an expert, one of the best AAC teaching strategies is ALI.   Learn or refresh your ALI knowledge with this great video by One’s Kid Place: Children’s Treatment Centre.



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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Jane Farrall says:

    Absolutely – such an important strategy and makes such a difference!

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Thanks Jane! We agree and love when we find good explanations/demonstrations to share. Once you do it for awhile, it becomes habit and you can not, Not do it. But new AAC facilitators often need prAACtice.

  • Amanda Pike says:

    Perfect, thank you for sharing that. I’m presenting to a kindergarten soon on using AAC in the classroom. I might embed the video into the presentation. It’s very clearly explained.

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