September PrAACtice with a Year of Core Words

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September PrAActice A Year of Core Words
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We continue to work with core words and if you have been following our  ‘Year of Core Words’, here are some ways to use the September words for  preparing, playing, & reading about ‘back to school’, making new friends, cooking and eating in the fall, and for general fall/autumn activities. Create opportunities throughout the day and add some aided language modeling (ALI),  repetition with variety, and meaningful language experiences, you will expand communication, language, and core word vocabulary quickly.

Keep calm and communicate on

September Core Word PrAACtice 


almost done

he almost fell

they look almost the same

the book was almost my favorite

Calltelephone call

call me now

call name softly

let’s call her name loud


listen bell

listen for the music

the girl needs to listen

I try to listen and learn


same name

name is not that

her name is pretty

that name is the same but spelled differen


nice and soft

that feels nice

he was nice to bear

she was nice to give present to friend


story over

go over to reading area

don’t want story to be over

fall here so summer over


place it here

it goes in this place

my place is next to you

I think the next place they go is home


sit down

you sit here

sit and read book

if you sit here I will stand



take one

please take toy

can I take this one

If I take this one, you can take that one



there is time

it’s time to go

what time is reading

I don’t think there is enough time


we go

we are friends

we have the same name

If we have cake I will be happy


write to me

help me write

let’s write a note

please write a lot of words on each page

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