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10 AAC Things to do for PrAACtically Free in 10 Minutes or Less

March 6, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

10 AAC Things to do for Free in 10 Minutes or Less

  Subscribe to a blog with an AAC focus– Spectronics Blogs, Uncommon Sense, Jane Farrall Consulting, PrAACtical AAC Program a one hit message device and use it for a new reason– 101+ Things to do with a Big Mac or Other Single Message Communication Devices Follow an AAC topic Pinterest board– PrAACtical AAC, AAC by Katie Ahern, AT/AAC/Adapt/Modify/Accessibility/Accommodations, AT for Communication, AAC by Constantly Speaking, Communication-AAC Print out and hang up or give someone an AAC Awareness Image– 10 Commandments of AAC Devices, AAC It’s as Easy as 1,2,3 Register for a free AAC professional development webinar from Ablenet Print out an AAC Poster– AAC Boot Camp-Getting AAC Users to Communicate, The Periodic Table of AAC, Learn about technology and apps for AAC and learning from Pinterest– Lauren Enders Pinterest Boards, Tech in Special Education Print out song visual supports Read a Tar Heel Reader Book with an AAC learner... [Read More...]

ATIA 2013 Orlando- More PrAACtical Information

February 11, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

ATIA 2013 Orlando More PrAACtical Information

In a previous post,  PrAACtical Pictures, we hopefully illustrated that we had an amazing time at the ATIA 2013 Orlando conference. We laughed, learned, and loved meeting so many ‘on-line’ friends.  So, of course there is a  little more to share…   It was great stopping by the Attainment booth and learning about a soon to be released iPad app-   Community Success.  Community Success has learning tools to teach about community activities (i.e., riding the bus, shopping, movie theater, etc).  Learning is made  accessible through video modeling, photo-based directions, talking stories, and illustrations of social behaviors.  Can’t wait to get this.  Everyone at the booth was great but we missed seeing John Sajdak. Also, we got to learn more about My Talk Tools.  There is so much to this AAC application.  Try it out with My TalkTools Mobile Lite (free), and Workspace (free 30 day trial).  We watched some app demos through the  My Talk Upgrades.  It... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Encouraging AAC Implementation

January 17, 2013 by - 26 Comments

How I Do It: Encouraging AAC Implementation

Nothing makes us happier than hearing AAC success stories. It’s thrilling to hear of folks who are using AAC tools and strategies to communicate effectively. We love hearing how their language develops and the positive changes that makes in their lives. It also makes us curious as to what made ‘this’ story a success story. One of our goals for the new year was to give PrAACtical AAC followers a look into the experiences of professionals outside their own communities. Last week, we introduced AACtual Therapy, a series of guest posts by SLPs who are willing to give us a peek into their AAC therapy sessions. Today, we introduce How I Do It, a series in which we invite SLPs to share how they tackle common issues, tasks, or problems. We’re excited to launch the series with a post from Lauren Enders, a clinician who supports the AAC community beyond... [Read More...]

AAC Awareness Month Wrap-Up

November 1, 2012 by - 3 Comments

AAC Awareness Month Wrap-Up

It’s hard to believe that AAC Awareness Month 2012 is over. We are happy to announce the winners of the final drawing. Diane Saunders (#160), Rachel Berry (#12), Claire Rubin (#73), Cassandra Stafford (#726), Carrie Walls (#609), Alison Rumball (#369), Monica Venezia (#309), Tanya Keller Scott (#414), Tea Moore (#393), Christina Frenzel (#179), Hudi Bernstein (#668), Yvette Bardole (#350), Lauren Enders (#241), Juliana Escobar (#500), Caroline Trzaska (#294), Kimberly Hurley (#488), Jane Eikelboom (#189), Amy Vinson Taylor (#771), Lisa Neely (#567), Stacey (#695), Debra Seixas (#451), and Melissa Seldin (#268). We will be in touch later today with the specifics. We are deeply appreciative of the AAC community who furnished the prizes we awarded to 70+ winners. A huge thank you to Ablenet, Inc, Abilipad, Alexicom, Avaz, BeeVisual, Dynavox/Mayer Johnson, Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, Hump Software, iClick iTalk, MarbleSoft, Mozzaz, News-2-You, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, RJ Cooper, Safe N... [Read More...]

It’s PrAACtically Over: One Last Drawing for AAC Awareness Month

October 24, 2012 by - 10 Comments

It's PrAACtically Over: AAC Awareness Month Giveaway # 4

It’s been an exciting AAC Awareness Month! There were 25 lucky winners in the first two drawings and earlier today we drew the names for the third round. The winners for Drawing # 3 are Tanya Keller Scott (#473), Rachel Berry (#266), Carrie Walls (#9), Felicia Moore (#566), Diane Saunders (#34), Jillian Mayo (#164), Juliana Escobar (#425), Amy Vinson Taylor (#138), Allyssa Lucas (#323), Katrina Stebbins (#88), Kristina Frenzel (#480), Jennifer Schroeder (#510), Christine Cobb (#587), Lauren Enders (#53), Mark Neely (#291), Cassie Cann (#213), Amy M (#182), Cassandra Stafford (#366), Monica Venezia (#547), Lizzie Feldman (#579), Melissa Nicole (#364), Erin Finnegan (#434), and Kia Hughes (#383). Congratulations to the winners!  Our 4th and final drawing promises to be the best one yet. Please join us in giving virtual round of applause to these generous companies: Ablenet, Inc Abilipad Alexicom Avaz BeeVisual Dynavox/Mayer Johnson Gail Van Tatenhove, PA Hump Software iClick iTalk MarbleSoft Mozzaz News-2-You Patient Provider Communication Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company RJ Cooper Safe N Sound Mobile Say It with Symbols... [Read More...]

PrAACtical Winners – Round 2

October 17, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

PrAACtical Winners - Round 2

AAC Evaluation Genie App Abilipad App Alexicomm Apps Blood Draw Kit My Own Bookshelf CD Pixon Cloth Carrying Case Gab n Go Harness Pillow Pet and Storybook TapSpeak Choice App Transition Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use AAC Congratulations to the winners of today’s drawing for AAC Awareness Month. Using Rafflecopter, we selected 13 names for prizes from Alexicom, Hump Software, Bee Visual, Dynavox/Mayer Johnson, TapSpeak, Gail Van Tatenhove, Safe n Sound Mobile, Brookes Publishing, and some from us. Congratulations to Shannon Archer (#277), Rachel Berry (#339), Lauren Enders (#95), Alyssa Lucas (#255), Ramya Kumar (#154), Dave Moehn (#382), Tea Moore (#174), Katie Pierson (#229), Claire Rubin (#242), Diane Saunders (#404), Alli Smith (#310), Jeanne Tuthill (#104), and Carrie Walls (#297). We have 2 more drawings to go. Look for Round 3 shortly.

5 Great Sites for AAC Vocabulary Practice

November 26, 2012 by - 2 Comments

5 Great Sites for AAC Vocabulary Practice

We’re always happy to find sites that can be used to solidify new word learning. Once we completed a variety of activities for explicit instruction on new vocabulary, we start thinking about adding in some practice activities. Repetition with variety keeps the learners engaged and helps them cement their understanding of the target words. No more ‘learning to pass the quiz, then forgetting it all.’ With some extra effort, we can help our AAC friends hang onto the new knowledge that they’ve gained. Here are are some sites that you can use to create fun practice activities. Make acrostic poems with the target words Find related words with Word Hippo See how the target word relates to other concepts with Wordsift: Type the vocabulary word into the box to see a semantic web unfold. Explore a bunch of vocabulary games at Wordia Make a digital bulletin board around the new... [Read More...]