PrAACtical Alert: AAC App News

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PrAACtical Alert: AAC App News
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NOTE: Scroll down for the latest update on AAC app discounts and other sales.


Many of you know the work of Pennsylvania-based SLP Lauren PrAACtically Pinteresting with Lauren Enders: Why Use AAC?Enders, whose contributions here and on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media have been invaluable in our clinical and educational work. Lauren does a terrific job of identifying AAC, AT, and related resources and goes the extra mile in sharing them with others. Today, we feature a graphic that she developed to alert us of AAC apps that are discounted in support of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month in the US app store. The discounts may be available in other areas as well.

The graphic is not interactive so if you wish to purchase an app, you’ll need to visit the iTunes App Store and search for the app you’re interested in or visit the company’s website. OR you can scroll down to the bottom and click on the links that Lauren provided.

To get a downloadable copy of the image, click here or on the image below.

We’ll do our best to update this with additional news about discounted apps. If you know of any others we should add, please comment below or reach out to us with that information.

Thanks, Lauren!!


Updated Version 3/30

PrAACtical Alert: AAC App News

Lauren’s Edits 4/2

Many people have been asking about the AAC apps that will be on sale in honor of Autism Acceptance Month in April 2017. I contacted all of the developers of robust core-based AAC apps and asked them to send me dates and discounts. Here are the ones offering price reductions!!

4/2/17 UPDATE!!! The DEALS are in effect and sale dates vary, so check the dates carefully so you don’t miss your chance!

ALL Avaz apps (Avaz Pro, Avaz Español, Avaz India, and Avaz Français) will be 50% off from April 1-15.

JUST ADDED! aacorn apps will be 40% off from April 2 through April 9th. AACORN will be $74.99 and the brand new aacorn Plus with Symbol Stix , Text to Speech Voices, Language Learning, and Word Prediction will be $149.99.

LAMP Words for Life discount IS worldwide.

UPDATED GRAPHIC as of 4/2/17:

BIG NEWS: Boardmaker will also be discounted during this sale! 25% all Boardmaker software, add-ons, and PCS symbols through and 25% off Boardmaker Online personal & professional annual subscriptions through (Discounted 25% March 29-April 5)

ONE MORE THING! Tobii DynaVox’s ALL literacy curriculum for individuals with complex communication needs will be 50% off too! (Discounted 50% March 29-April 5)


Proloquo2Go for iPad (discounted 50% 4/2 through 4/4):

Proloquo4Text for iPad (discounted 50% 4/2 through 4/4):

Speak for Yourself for iPad (Discounted 50% off March 31 through April 4th)

LAMP Words for Life for iPad (Discounted 50% off April 2nd and 3rd):

CoughDrop: (multiplatform- choose link for your type of device- discounted 50% 3/31 through 4/7)

Total Talk for iPad (discounted to $99 through the end of April):

Avaz Pro for iPad, Avaz India, Avaz Español, and Avaz Français (discounted 50% off April 1st through April 15th):
Avaz Pro:
Avaz India:
Avaz Español:ñol-aac-app-para-autismo-software-comunicación/id923997149?mt=8
Avaz Français:çais/id937115434?mt=8

aacorn AAC for iPad: 40% off – $74.99

NEW! aacorn Plus – Advanced AAC with Word Prediction
for iPad: 40% off – $149.99

Alexicom AAC (base free, certain vocabularies paid – paid vocabularies discounted by moving the decimal one spot to the left April 1st through April 8th)

Tobii DynaVox Compass for iPad (discounted 50% March 29th through April 5th):

PODD with Compass for iPad (It’s rare for this to be reduced! – discounted 50% March 29th through April 5th):

Gateway with Compass for iPad discounted 50% March 29th through April 5th):

Snap Scene for iPad discounted 50% March 29th through April 5th):

Tobii DynaVox apps for Windows (Communicator 5, Compass, Snap Scene) discounted 50% March 29th through April 5th):


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  • Isabel says:

    Thanks Lauren for sharing this information and thank you Carole for passing this info on.

  • Beth says:

    This really is so helpful to have everything gathered in one place! The time and effort is much appreciated Lauren and thanks for spreading the word Carole!

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