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PrAACtical Nominations: The 2013 Edublog Awards

December 1, 2013 by - 4 Comments

PrAACtical Nominations: The 2013 Edublog Awards

The Edublog Awards recognize the power of the individual to make a positive impact in education-related fields. We were so surprised to hear from Jenna Rayburn, author of the popular Speech Room News blog and TpT Store, that she had nominated us for the 2013 Eddies. It got us to thinking about our own favorites from the past year (so many wonderful blogs and bloggers!). Here are our nominees: Best individual blog: Chapel Hill Snippets Best class blog: Considerate Classroom Best ed tech/resource sharing site: Boardmaker Achieve Best teacher blog: Think Inclusive Most influential blog post of the year: SLPs and AAC Evaluations: First, Do No Harm Best individual tweeter: Brian Goldstein, @goldstein25 Best twitter hashtag: #AugComm Best free web tool: Jing Best educational use of audio/video podcast: Laura Mize, Teach Me to Talk podcasts Best educational wiki: CommunicatePA Best open PD/webinar series: AbleNet Best educational use of a social network: Pinterest,... [Read More...]


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How I do It 5 AAC Things I wish I had Known by Deanne Shoyer

We are so pleased to have connected with  Deanne Shoyer from Small But Kinda Mighty and even happier that she is our guest blogger today.  Deanne is a mom of twin boys who both are on the autism spectrum.  Deanne successfully fundraised to buy iPads for her boys and has been active for more than 3 years in social media and in the special needs app community.  She has written about many things but often focuses on implementing AAC in a very PrAACtical way.  Please feel free to share this very important post as she highlights AAC, what she has learned, and how it may help others. by Deanne Shoyer at  Small But Kinda Mighty (original post at Small But Kinda Mighty) In the title of this post I’ve linked autism and AAC for a specific reason. A lot of the points here are equally applicable to people who have a... [Read More...]

Strategy of the Month: Community Participation

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Community Participation

Community participation and communication for AAC users is an integral part of of developing, growing up, and having inclusive opportunities. We often relate community participation to quality of life indicators. Community participation for AAC users begins from the… beginning. Young children can order in restaurants, use picture menus, and have access to many inclusive events. As children grow into adolescents and adults, community participation involves post secondary options, employment, and community living. Perspectives from AAC Users Have communication displays and devices available at ALL times– You need access to a communication system(s) to participate in all situations.  Remember to take AAC with you. The sooner the AAC user becomes responsible for taking or telling someone to take the device/displays with them the easier it becomes.  For mobile technology systems, there are rugged cases that withstand wind, water, even medical waste (see Lauren Enders Pinterest boards for case and accessory options).... [Read More...]

Throwback Thursday- Core Word Round-Up

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Throw-Back Thursday- Core Word Round-Up

Core Word Round-up!                             Core Word PrAACtice Ideas Magic Moments: AAC Intervention with  Stop and Go App Magic Moments with Toca Store  Magic Moments with Sentence Builder Magic Moments with Verb Circus HiJAACked! Putting an AAC Twist on Gen Ed AACtivities: The Hallelujah Flight AAC Goes to PreSchool 5 PrAACtical Uses for Flashcard Apps Visual Language, Core Words, & Martin Luther King Can I Ask You A Question? Breakthroughs with Bubbles with Tanna Neufeld 14 Valentine’s Day Activities, Love, Literacy, & Learning AAC Learning with Play Dough by Jamie Cooley 5 Ways to Use Power Point in AAC Intervention 5 PrAACtical Thoughts on Catch-Up Conversations How I do It- Marlene Cummings Shares an Implementation Toolbox AACtual Theray with Tanna Neufeld- Use Your Best Spud To Teach Vocabulary How I Do It- Marlene Cummings On Strengthening the Communication... [Read More...]

31 Posts You May Have Missed in August

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31 Posts You May Have Missed in August

Strategy of the Month Back to School with AAC AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom & Speech Room PrAACtical Partnerships: AAC & Academics AAC Around the School and Beyond Core Words & the Curriculum PrAACtical Thinking 5 Things to Remember About AAC Technology Fun Friday Commenting to the Max 31 Posts You May Have Missed in July Keep Calm & …………. Great Music Apps & AAC Language Goals  5 Free Resources for Making Communication Boards & Visual Supports 5 Reasons to Say Yes to ‘NO’ Magic Moments with Tellagami Watch It Wednesday: AAC Core Word Vocabulary teaching by Gail Tatenhove & Robin 5 Ways to Use Sequenced Message SGDS and APPS 7 Writing Apps & Activities for ALL Writers PrAACtical Uses of QR Codes Watch This: Example of Teaching Expressive Language with the iPad & AAC Device by the Awesome AAC Chicks 5 Things to Consider About Data Collection in... [Read More...]

Decorate AAC Style

August 26, 2013 by - 3 Comments

Decorating AAC Style

We often write and talk about using every opportunity to teach through meaningful language experiences. This concept works not just for our students and clients but also for professionals and families we collaborate with. Here are some old and new quotes, pictures, and printables to help create meaningful AAC awareness learning opportunities.  Just print out the ones you like and you have  ‘decorations’ for  your office, classroom, speech room, hallways, etc.   As we like to say: Use every expected and unexpected opportunity to teach AAC. AAC Myth Busting (AAC ToolBox- Under Miscellaneous)           Keep Calm AAC Teaching Posters- Under Miscellaneous                                                                                           ... [Read More...]

AAC Around the School & Beyond!

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AAC Around the School

For the August Strategy of the Month, we have been thinking, writing, & talking about AAC in School.  School is where AAC learners spend a large portion of their days. There needs to be multiple opportunities for students to USE and LEARN AAC each day.   More than that though, we strive for full participation and interaction for students who use AAC.  Students should not have to prove that they can do these things before they have ACCESS to AAC strategies and intervention. Here are some things that can be done to help build AAC participation for both students and educators. Provide ACCESS to AAC devices and visual supports throughout ALL activities in ALL places in school and on school sponsored trips/community based instruction. Provide Aided Language Input when teaching AAC to students. Use a Core Word approach when teaching AAC to students but don’t forget about Fringe Vocabulary. Learn and use partner assisted communication... [Read More...]

AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom and Speech Room

August 10, 2013 by - 2 Comments

AAC 'Must Haves' for the Classroom & Speech Room

As we were getting ready for back to school and thinking about ‘must haves’, it quickly became apparent that it is not so easy to narrow it down. And the ‘must haves’ would definitely vary depending upon type of class, students, and even school.  Based on a wide variety of differences, we organized a wide variety of choices to explore (we apologize in advance if we got carried away but…). Choose what you need, bookmark what  you may need later and let us know your  ‘must haves’ for a classroom and speech room AAC collaborative approach.  We will create an ongoing list. Get Started Before School Starts         Do these 10 Things to Get Started with AAC  if you are new to an AAC student or classroom Provide AAC Support in the Classroom. Support teachers and educators with tips from Jane Farrall, & learn about AAC in the Classroom by Joan... [Read More...]

School Starts Soon: What Are Your Goals?

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School Starts Soon: What are your goals?

We know it is early, but school starts for some of us as early as 2 weeks from now.  As you are thinking of the goals that you will be working on with your students, children, clients, here are some samples, examples, & rationales for developing and writing AAC goals that matter. Once there are goals that make sense, then with  meaningful language experiences, the fun can begin. AAC Goals PrAACtical Goals That Matter (Document of Goals) PrAACtical Suggestions for Writing AAC Goals Quick Start AAC Goals PrAACtical Goals That Matter Sample AAC Goals How I do It: AAC in the IEP by Lauren Enders How to Set Goals for Assistive Technology in the IEP Goals to Support AAC Use Scoop it by Lauren Enders: Writing IEP Goals for AAC Users