PrAACtical Alert: AAC App Discounts

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PrAACtical Alert: AAC App Discounts
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PrAACtical Alert: AAC App DiscountsLauren Enders does it again! We can always count on her for up-to-date information on the sales and discounts that get offered for Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month (April) and AAC Awareness Month (October).

Check out this useful information. Note: The resources in this post will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Thank you, Lauren!


Looking to purchase an AAC or literacy app? It’s that time of year again! Don’t miss your chance to download select apps at a substantial discount in honor of Autism Acceptance/Awareness month. (Not all developers will be offering discounts.) Make sure you note specific sale dates for each app as they vary.

PrAACtical Alert: AAC App Discounts

Link to a PDF of this graphic for sharing: Alert: AAC App Discounts

You can view or download a spreadsheet with sale dates and download links here

Reminder from my friend and respected colleague Rachael Langley: “Remember many of these programs are available at a discount through Apple’s VPP (volume purchase program). So if your district is looking to purchase 20+ licenses, they’ll be another half off!!”

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