PrAACtically May: AAC Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary Words

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PrAACtically May: AAC Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary Words
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PrAACtically May: Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary WordsThanks to all who’ve reached out with questions, comments, and words of appreciation for the Year of Core Vocabulary series. In today’s post, we share some ideas for integrating AAC into your daily life. Here are some helpful resources for those who are using the words in Set 1 ( Year of Core Words) or Set 2 (Another Year of Core Words). If you are contemplating this approach, feel free to jump in at any time. The best time to start (or re-start) is right now. Don’t worry about retracing steps, or not ‘doing it right.’ The best way to get better at core vocabulary instruction is just to keep at it. It takes time, practice, and a willingness to keep at it.

Our words for this month are as follows.

Set 1: all, down, good, little, my, question, sad, she, turn, up, who, why

Set 2: bathroom, car, child, confused, green, hard, how much, man, mean, never, part, remember, sister, so, today, us

Core words can be used in a wide range of contexts and activities.  Click on the links for more concrete information about how to use each of these to build communication. 

A great many thanks to our colleagues Barbara Fernandes, Rachael Langley, Lisa Timm, Nancy Inman, Brian Whitmer, Russell Cross, Gail Van Tatenhove, Allison Wade, Heidi LoStracco, Bill and Lori Binko, Eric Sailers, and all the others who have contributed to this effort.

  1. Templates for you to plug in your own symbols: Set 1 words, Set 2 words
  2. Minspeak/Unity version: Set 1 words
  3. PCS versions: Set 1 words, Set 2 words
  4. Speak for Yourself: Set 1 wordsSet 2 words
  5. Symbol Stix version: Set 1 words
  6. Lesson Pix version: Set 1 words
  7. Smarty Symbols: Set 1 words, Set 2 words
  8. CoughDrop: Set 1 words; Set 2 words
  9. WordPower: Set 1 words (Note: This is a large file that contains the resources for several versions of WordPower)
  10. WordPower: Set 2 Words in Symbol Stix and PCS (Both are large files that have sets for different versions of WordPower)

Reading is a great way to build in some extra core word practice. If you like reading with your prAACtical pals, we have some book suggestions. The following list is for Set 1 words.

May Calendar 

Rachael Langley’s wonderful core word calendars have been showing up on bulletin boards and refrigerators around the globe. She has lots of fun and easy ideas for our May words. (Click on the image to download the calendar for Set 1 words.)


Please use this calendar and offer it as a resource for families. But also recognize that for MOST families, they have been BOMBARDED with home resources. This may just look like 35 more things they have to do. It might be wise to circle three activities that really gets at your student/client’s needs or interests. I hope people encourage families that these are meant as a support and not as a burden or a to-do list.

 Need some ideas for ways to target the May vocabulary beyond the single word level? Lisa Timm has some suggestions for us.

PrAACtically May: Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary Words

You can print out these sentences and the Set 2 calendar here.

Need even more ideas? Rachael Langley took care of that, too. (Click here or on the image below.)

PrAACtically May: Core Word Calendar by Rachael Langley


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