AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorders

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AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorders
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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Isabel says:

    I was a brand new fan of your Practically AAC website when I learned of Robin’s passing. I had never met either of you in person, but upon reading the many different topics on communication, I instantly felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for its creators. I have two kids who are non verbal and who both use AAC devices. A loss of someone with Robin’s depth of knowledge and her committed belief that everyone can communicate can never be replaced. Thank you for continuing to add posts even as you grieve for a friend.

    • Carole Zangari says:

      What a lovely comment! Thank you so much, Isabel, for taking the time to share what PrAACtical AAC has meant to you. It was a ‘happy place’ for Robin, and I will do whatever I can to keep it going. Kind words like yours make the rough days a little easier.

  • Jane Farrall says:

    Thanks Carole. Robin gave fabulous suggestions and advice and (most of all) information. A big thank-you as always to Robin for being such a generous person.

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