30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

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30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month
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Please check out the most recent set of suggestions here.

We love getting EVERYONE  involved in Autism Awareness Month.  We like to take a goal focused approach to our Autism Awareness Month activities by choosing projects that facilitate positive attitudes &  discussions.  We pass out materials, have contests, go to events, do extra talks, and try and engage EVERYONE we know and even some we do not know.  We do a lot of shopping (with small amount of money, but we have to EAT and accessorize).  Our families, pets, friends, and students all participate.  It is a month filled with purposeful fun.  Here are some of the things we will be doing. Please share any activities or projects that you know about.  


  1. Bake, share, & eat some desserts. Need inspiration?.. try these Puzzle Piece Rice Crispy Treats 
  2. Join the webinar  Autism Explosion by Dr. Coplan will be shown on April 4th at 6PM EST, through Re-Think Autism. Don’t worry if you can not do that time, the webinar will be recorded and archived with others. 
  3. Print and Share Friendship Fact Autism Awareness Bookmarks by the Learning Curve  
  4. Learn & Share information about Autism Safety – Be AWAARE!  
  5. Learn & Share information about Visual Supports & Autism  
  6. Recommend and go to  an Autism Friendly Business.  We love that the new hair salon that opened in Miami!
  7. Read and Share Assistive Technology Family Resource Guides (English & Spanish) to facilitate communication opportunities.
  8. Attend an autism awareness event in your area.
  9. Recommend your favorite autism books or check out some new ones. Autism Books 101 has a great list that is divided according to different categories.
  10. Develop & Use a personal participation story (modified social story) to let alert someone that this will be a month filled with a lot of autism information in the news and a lot of autism activities to attend.
  11. Print out and laminate more Autism Awareness bookmarks.
  12. Shop and fundraise with beautiful autism awareness glass jewelry.  
  13. Shop for autism. Be a walking billboard of acceptance, tolerance, and awareness.
  14.  Create some visual supports for a student, teacher, or family who needs them. Then wrap them up  as a present and say “Happy Autism Awareness Month
  15. Shop for Autism Magnets.
  16. Read or recommend another  book about autism. Try the Autism Society of North Carolina’s Bookstore for ideas. 
  17. Go to a Bakery that is celebrating autism awareness month. Panera Bread teamed up with the Dan Marino Foundation to make DELICIOUS cookies. Our super friend Jay, brought them last year for our whole clinic & they are a ‘must have’ again. You can even fax in an order form or order on-line so they will have them ready for you (only good though if you can pick them upBroward & Palm Beach).
  18. Listen and share a great on-line module.  Autism Internet Modules are excellent and free. 
  19. Read a new autism blog. Check out this extensive blog list, from autism hub,  for ideas.  
  20. Learn and share information about Established and Emerging autism interventions National Standards Project – The reports are FREE in PDF form (just register or click on report PDF)
  21. Check out and share this fantastic APP LIST by Heather J Bridman & Nick Weiland (January 2012) from the Ohio Center for Autism & Low Incidence.
  22. Support a business for people with autism or other developmental disabilities.  One that promotes autism and micro enterprising is Artists with Autism.
  23. Learn about fantastic people with autism. Here is an example: Haley Moss is an accomplished artist and author. She has written a GREAT book, Middle School: The Stuff Nobody tells You about.
  24. Have a ‘APP’y Hour sharing some of your favorite apps. It is always fun to play with ‘apps’ and it could become a fundraiser activity or just a ‘fun’ get together.
  25. Learn & Teach more about AAC and Autism. We want EVERYONE who needs AAC systems to have them (and remember we ALL use some forms of visual supports).
  26. Explore and Share websites about Autism and Inclusion. Also, check out Disability is Natural for thoughts on inclusion.
  27. Set up a circle of friends for someone with autism. Enjoy this friend song by the White Stripes
  28. Plan a trip for success. We love going to Disney World.
  29. Stay current! Subscribe to PrAACtical AAC, our communication website.   PrAACtical AAC will help communication & speech and language skills for people with autism. EVERYONE should have access and support for communication strategies.
  30. Have Fun! Watch a great video.  Learn about the Oxygen Mask Project. Go Surfing, do whatever makes you happy.

 **Please note, we have no direct affiliation with any of the businesses mentioned here (except our website). We receive NO compensation from any of these vendors, websites, or businesses (we only spend money there).


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  • Excellent article! We at National Seizure Disorders Foundation are also raising awareness this month. Feel free to give your honest review: http://nationalseizuredisordersfoundation.org/nsdf-austism-awareness/ Did you know over 30% of people living with Autism also expereince seizures? YOur site is so welcoming and the information so empowering I will be sending our people to you for further support and resources

    Thank you for doing good work –

    Tonya Heathco, Founder&President
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Tonya. It’s great to connect with like-minded people who are willing to spread the word to support these folks. I will share this on our FB page. Thanks again for the information and encouragement.

  • Meah says:

    We’re coloring puzzle pieces and writing how different we are.

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