Throwback Thursday- Visual Schedule Round-Up

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Throwback Thursday: Visual Schedule Roundup
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As times goes on in the academic year, we often think that everyone knows their schedules. But remember, knowing and seeing are two completely different things. For this Throwback Thursday, we wanted to go over visual schedules of all types to remind ourselves not to back off with schedules (all types) even if it seems everyone is transitioning well and knows their schedules.  We wouldn’t want anyone to take away our day planner…. even when we knew our schedule.

What’s the Connection- Core Words & Schedules

Visual Schedules 411

Get Organized for the New Year: 5 Visual Schedule Apps

Schedule Changes

A Myth About Visual Schedules

A PrAACtical Myth Lives On.. Again

Visual Schedule Myths Live On and On…

Power of the Visual Planner

Schedules and Choices

Riddle Me This

AAC at Home: Visual Schedules and Supports

Building Complex Schedules

Ideas for Teaching the Use of Schedules

PrAACtical Mini-Schedules

Video of the Week: Visual Schedules in Action

Types of Visual Schedules

Video of the Week: Object Schedules

Video of the Week: Visual Schedules & Inclusion




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