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Mini Schedules
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We were looking for some specific resources for a distant colleague. We wanted to get as much good information as possible because this colleague was not in our field but in another department that has direct impact over work.  We do not necessarily see ‘eye to eye’ on many issues so we thought it might be helpful to our working relationship.   In the process, a young man and his family would get some much-needed support.  In our exploration, we found some great new videos about schedules- our topic of the month.    We found several very prAACtical videos by the Watson Institute about  mini schedules. We have found mini schedules to be very helpful for activities of daily living, community activities, leisure time activities and even in special event activities.  We love that the Watson Institute put these on you -tube for everyone to learn from. They even have a you-tube video channel that you can subscribe too (which we did) with many other great visual support strategy videos.  The videos are not fancy but absolutely show the benefits of the strategy in a clear and concise manner. Take a look by clicking on each video for prAACtical mini-schedule ideas.  Please let us know what other mini-schedules have been helpful to you.


** The extra effort for this ‘distant’ colleague was a bit helpful.  I guess as with anything, we will have to be consistent in our positive interactions and continue to build good will or ‘results’ over time.  Why is it so much easier to do with our students??

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