What’s the connection?- Core Vocabulary & Visual Schedules

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Whats the connection? visual schedules & core words
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Because it seems there has been a lot of  emphasis on core words and visual schedules over the past couple of months, we wanted to highlight a particular resource titled:  Visual Schedules to Expose & Reinforce Core Vocabulary by (the great) Gail Van Tatenhove.

This resource can be found on the Minspeak website which shares excellent (& free) comprehensive AAC information for everyone.   You can search by categories and get fact sheets, communication boards, curriculum supports and more.

  • AAC users, families, & caregivers
  • Teachers and therapists
  • Academicians & students
  • Teaching Plans & Materials
  • Pixon Project Resources

Try out some of the ideas from the Visual Schedule/Core Word Resource or something else and let us know what you think.

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1 Comment

  • Deborah Santiago says:

    Thank you for posting this resource…couldn’t have come at a better time! Back to school is around the corner!

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