PrAACtically July – AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words

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– AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words
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Do you know anyone who has access to AAC tools but doesn’t yet use them throughout the day?

  • Keiran has a new AAC app that is well-populated with core vocabulary.
  • Gabbie has had an SGD for a while but doesn’t use it as frequently as her team had hoped.
  • Hudson is transitioning from PECS to an AAC device with more robust language.

While different in many ways, each of these learners has a common need: frequent opportunities to learn about and use core vocabulary. To accomplish this, their SLPs, teachers, and families select a dozen or so core words and pay special attention to those each month. That allows them to highlight this small group of words using focused language stimulation, aided language input, and specific activities designed to teach or practice them. In previous years, we shared lists of some core words to help you do just that.   

It’s almost July and that gives us an opportunity to turn our attention to an additional set of core vocabulary.  In today’s post, we share resources for the July words, which are listed below.

  • Set 1 Words: and, before, color, find, is, later, love, much, ready, same, they, with
  • Set 2 Words: black, bottom, cut, face, foot, grandfather, high, maybe, morning, one, really, share, something, then, wear, weather

The power of core words is that we can use them all throughout the day. Here are some activity ideas to get you started. 

We have a lot of materials to help you in modeling these core words. These resources are available thanks to the generosity of Brian Whitmer, Lisa Timm, Nancy Inman, Bill and Lori Binko, Heidi LoStracco, Alison Wade, Russell Cross, Gail Van Tatenhove, Eric Sailers, Rachael Langley, Amy Bradford, and others. Our thanks to all of you for your collegiality and generosity.

Templates for you to plug in your own symbols: Set 1 words, Set 2 wordsPrAACtically July: Resources for A Year of Core Words

One of the most popular features of the core word resource posts is Rachael Langley’s monthly calendar of ideas. This perpetual calendar is ready for you to pencil in the dates and start practicing this month’s core words.PrAACtically July – AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words: The Learn-at-Home Edition

These are from prior years so the dates won’t match up, but the ideas are still terrific. You’ll have a great time exploring the fun suggestions she has for the July Set 2 words (download printable version here).

PrAACtically July: Resources for A Year of Core Words

Looking for ideas for Set 1 words? You can see Rachael’s previous calendar of suggestions here.

PrAACtically July: AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words

Don’t forget to practice these words individually and in phrases/sentences. Amy Bradford has some ideas to get us started.

PrAACtically July: Resources for A Year of Core Words

Remember, core isn’t the only vocabulary that most AAC learners need, but it can play a big role in helping them communicate across activities and environments. Happy teaching!

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