AAC Posts from Our PrAACtical Week: December 2018

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AAC Posts from Our PrAACtical Week: December 2018
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Hope you are having a happy, healthy holiday season, AAC friends. Here are some posts you may have missed amongst all the festivities.

Monday – ‘Twas the Night Before an AAC Christmas

Tuesday – Merry Christmas!

Wednesday – Top AAC Videos of 2018

Thursday – PrAACtically January: AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words

Saturday – PrAACtical AAC Question of the Month: Terminology


Interested in a few more articles to browse? Here’s a selection to choose from.

Before you go, would you take 2 minutes to answer a 4-question survey? We’re providing some feedback to authors who write AAC textbooks and journal articles and they want your opinion on terminology.

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