Got Holiday Cards? 5 PrAACtical Ideas

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Got Holiday Cards? 5 PrAACtical Ideas
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Whether it is electronically or by postal mail, many of our prAACtical friends are sending and receiving holiday greetings this week. Here are some thoughts on taking advantage of their novelty and using them to build language and literacy skills.

  1. Core Vocabulary: Lots of opportunity to practice using core words. Can I have it? I like it. It is fun. Give it to me. Do you want it? I want to see. We can do it (together). I can see it. Do you want to do more? Can you see the ___?
  2. WH Questions: Make it a game to pick a card to talk about. Everyone can have a turn asking and answering questions like these and get some core word practice in at the same time.
    • Who gave it?
    • Where are they?
    • What do you think?
    • Why do you like (not like) it?
  3. Stop and Go: Have a cute card with funny animals or characters? Make it a silly game by picking an action (kiss, hug, dance, jump) that you can to do with them. Then have the AAC learner direct you to go and stop. Ham it up to get everyone enthused: big squeaky kisses, crazy dance moves, big wiggly hugs!
  4. Special Words/Letters: Find a fun pointer and go on a hunt for words or letters that you’ve been learning about.
  5. Write About It: Reading cards becomes a real literacy experience when we establish a purpose. Let’s read our cards to: find ones that rhyme, make a list of everyone who sent one, see how many are from friends vs family, find where they live on a map, sort them into funny and not funny piles, etc.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sitting together to look at and talk about holiday cards can be a great way to share quality time, infuse AAC learning, and just enjoy each other. Happy holidays!

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