10 Cool AAC Things to Do For Better Hearing & Speech Month

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10 Cool AAC Things To DO for Better Hearing and Speech Month
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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month- Helping People Communicate

  1. Learn with AbleNet University. Watch excellent free AAC webinars. There are live and recorded webinars so you can learn at your convenience. Share the information with colleagues and families.
  2. Give an AAC Gift.  Create AAC informational bookmarks and distribute to educators, staff, and families.  
  3. Print some free communication boards.  Go to the PrAACtical AAC e-Tool Box and print out some great core word or activity specific communication boards.  Put in your AAC clinic tool box or share with educators or families.
  4. Debunk AAC Myths. Use our AAC Myth buster quotes.  Print and hang in public spaces so everyone can be an AAC myth buster.
  5. Learn and PrAACtice a New AAC System (device or app). Go to prAACtical AAC’s Teach Me Tuesdays and choose an app or device to learn- (Alexicom, Proloquo2go, PRC Accent, The Grid, Tap Speak Button & Sequence, Avaz, Tobii C8,  Proloquo4Text, Go Talk Now Text, Nova Chat, Predictable, Speech Tree, CommLink, Sounding Board.
  6. Be Social About AAC. Tweet or Facebook about AAC. Spread AAC information through social media. 
  7. Join the BHSM Twitter Party and tweet about AAC. The Twitter party is May 20th 12:00-1:00 pm EST under the hashtag #BHSMChat
  8. Share Treats with Visual Recipes. Attach visual recipes, share in public awareness   event or give to colleagues
  9. Print out an AAC Poster- AAC Boot Camp-Getting AAC Users to CommunicateThe Periodic Table of AAC and display in a public space for everyone to see.
  10. Get Resources for Better Hearing and Speech Month from ASHA (The American Speech and Hearing Association).  Adapt the ideas to fit AAC for your community.
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