Teach Me Tuesday: Proloquo2Go

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Teach Me Tuesday: P2G
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  • Pam Harris says:

    We are thrilled to be highlighted in Teach Me Tuesday!

    Our resources have been updated for Proloquo2Go 3: http://www.assistiveware.com/support

    AssistiveWare offers an expanding collection of free resources and support materials, including e-Learning videos, trainers, tutorials, Facebook Groups, and Resource Centers, to help users, families, and professionals get the most out of Proloquo2Go.

    On behalf of AssistiveWare, we’d like to express our enthusiasm for PrAACtical AAC and the high quality of content that makes it the go-to online resource for general AAC support and resources.

    • Pam Harris says:

      Here are links to AssistiveWare’s collection of free resources and support materials:

      e-Learning Videos http://www.assistiveware.com/e-learning
      Our recorded e-Learning videos are informative demonstration videos on a variety of topics designed to support the needs of those seeking training, both as an individual and for those who wish to be recognized with a Proloquo2Go 3 Training Attendance Certificate. Proloquo2Go 3 Training Attendance Certificate recipients are eligible for the AssistiveWare Trainer Program.
      Individuals who view all of the required videos can obtain Graduate Level Extension credits and a Proloquo2Go Training Attendance certificate as well as be listed on the Trainers section on our website.

      Trainers http://www.assistiveware.com/trainers
      You can search for trainers and presenters on our list that contains names, location and contact information of those who have completed a Proloquo2Go e-Learning Video series and have chosen to be listed on this website. Please do note that some presenters and trainers listed may charge for their services.

      Tutorials http://www.assistiveware.com/product/proloquo2go/downloads
      Our short, step-by-step tutorials offer helpful walkthroughs for many Proloquo2Go settings and features. These downloadable, printable PDFs are a great way to learn about Proloquo2Go for individuals who like to explore hands-on and learn at their own pace.

      Resource Centers http://www.assistiveware.com/resource-centers
      To serve individuals looking to trial or receive a loan or an evaluation that includes Proloquo2Go as an option, we offer a growing list of Resource Centers, comprised of independent practices, clinics, and organizations. Often these centers can be a good first step in determining whether Proloquo2Go is an appropriate solution for an individual. Many resource centers may also be able to help optimize Proloquo2Go for specific communication needs.

      Manual & Support Documents http://www.assistiveware.com/product/proloquo2go/downloads
      For thorough Proloquo2Go instructions, we offer a comprehensive User Manual(PDF) and a collection of helpful Support Documents.

      FAQs http://www.assistiveware.com/support/faq/1
      Because every question has an answer, we provide an expanding library of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Proloquo2Go with concise answers. More often than not, an answer to your question is at your fingertips in our FAQs.

      If you have any questions, please contact us at support@assistiveware.com for 1:1 assistance.

      ~Pam Harris
      AssistiveWare Support

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