Teach Me Tuesday: PRC Accent

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Teach Me Tuesday: PRC Accent
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This week in Teach Me Tuesday we’re learning more about Accent from Prentke Romich Company (PRC). Here are the learning resources we’ll be using.


If you know of other applicable resources, please add them in a comment below. See you next time!


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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Tami Taylor says:

    Good morning! I am a regional consultant for PRC in Arizona. I love how you have grouped together the supports – looks great!!! Thank you! I will share your site with others as well.

    I did want to add that we do have a YouTube channel with video tutorials for the Accent line, webinars, facebook page, and a fantastic blog site. Is it possible to get those added to your resource list?

    I can provide you with those links if you would like. Let me know and I can email them to you. Thank you again for organizing those so well.

    With Respect,
    Tami Taylor

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Tami, that would be terrific! If you want, you can post it to the PrAACtical AAC Facebook page so that it gets a little more exposure. The URL is https://www.facebook.com/PrAACticalAAC. That way more people will see it. We can snag it from there and update the post (though that may take a few days). Thanks for the helpful suggestion!

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