Teach Me Tuesday: Alexicom AAC

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Teach Me Tuesday: Alexicom AAC
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Teach Me Tuesday is a new feature that offers prAACtical resources for our colleagues who are looking to learn more about SGDs and AAC apps. Each week, we’ll share training resources that we’ve found to be helpful for those of us teaching ourselves how to use these things. There is no rhyme or reason to which ones we share each week, and endorsement should not be implied. As always, it’s up to each SLP and team to make recommendations based on their assessment data and other relevant factors.Teach Me Tuesday

If you have devices or apps that you need to know more about, feel free to contact us and we will put that on our list. If you are an author, vendor, or developer who wants to share materials with us, we certainly welcome and appreciate that, but they must come with no strings attached. The product may or may not get a mention on this blog, and any opinions we offer will be based on our clinical/educational experiences. The purpose of Teach Me Tuesday is to share information that will help other SLPs learn to use AAC devices, software, and apps effectively. The order in which these things are addressed is more or less based on the questions and queries that we get as professors, clinical supervisors, and clinicians. When our grad students, colleagues, or families ask for resources, that will likely trigger a Teach Me Tuesday post.

First up, Alexicom AAC (Alexicom Tech) which has several free AAC apps for iOS and Android and many more (approximately 13) AAC apps for purchase. Here are the learning resources we uncovered.

If you know of other applicable resources, please add them in a comment below. See you next time!


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