Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary: March Words

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Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary: March Words
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Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary: March Words

Our list of resources is growing!  Let’s add a few more resources courtesy of SLPs Alison Wade and Heidi LoStracco. We’ve uploaded some additional printables for the Year of Core words (2013 list with 12 words per month)represented in PCS, Symbol Stix, and Smarty Symbols. Thanks, Alison, Heidi, and all who contributed to this effort!

  1. Templates for you to plug in your own symbols: 2013 words, 2014 words
  2. Minspeak/Unity version: 2013
  3. PCS versions: 2013; 2014
  4. Speak for Yourself version: 2013, 2014
  5. Symbol Stix version: 2013

Use these materials to remind yourself which words to highlight this month, with using aided language input and focused language stimulation. What else?

  • Print them and hang them on a bulletin board or refrigerator.
  • Laminate, cut them apart, and put them on a binder ring that you keep handy so that you can show just one symbol at a time.
  • Use them to create activities that help with symbol discrimination, such as a fun, interactive matching game or scavenger hunt.
  • Add them to a core word dictionary.
  • Hide them in a sensory bin filled with rice, sand, or beans.
  • Develop a language experience survey around one or more of the words.
  • Use it as a word wall, and create ‘mystery word’ or guessing activities (e.g., “I’m thinking of a word that…).

Do you have creative ways to use the Year of Core templates? We’re always looking for new ideas!

And, thanks again to all who contributed to these templates! You’ve made life easier for lots of clinicians!

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