It’s PrAACtically Mother’s Day- 5 Activities that Support Communicating with Mom

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It's PrAACtically Mother's Day- Communicating with Mom
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Pink HeartIt’s PrAACtically Mother’s Day and we are thinking about gifts and activities that promote communication, language, & literacy. Here are 5 activities that are fun and interesting to plan for and do interactively.  In the end, there will also be a tangible and/or intangible gift for mom. Enjoy and please share any additional activities that you have done or seen that you think are great.

PrAACtically Personal: Individualizing Communication Books"I Love You"

Visual Supports to Support Conversations with Moms-Thanks so much to Joel Shaul at Autism Teaching Strategies for creating this great visual support that helps support  meaningful conversations with mom.

Saying I Love You On Mother’s Day Ideas for teaching communication of “I Love You” for beginning communicator.

Mother’s Day Word List Ideas for using this Mother’s Day Word Bank to create a poem, story, or more.. Words, words, and more words for conversation about mom.

Your Special Chef– Use this picture recipe and lesson plan site to make a dessert, a snack or even a full meal for your Mother’s Day celebration. Think of the conversation before, during, and after becoming a ‘chef’ for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Coupon Book– Use these free printable coupons to write, paste, or stick ‘coupon gifts’ for mom. You can also decorate, sign, assemble, cut, and/or read the coupons so everyone can be an active participant while creating this cool and useful gift.

Love You                   Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone! 

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