PrAACtical Buzz: Have You Heard?

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PrAACtical Buzz: Have You Heard?
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There is a lot of prAACtical buzz around 2 AAC apps that have recently released free/lite versions  Check them out:

App Icon Avaz LiteAvaz Lite Version- AAC App for Autism (Augmentative Picture Communication Software for Children with Special Needs)- Try out Avaz AAC app with the lite version and a 7-day promotional subscription period to the symbols and voices which can be used for decision making options.  Learn more about the full version at Avaz Support. 

App Icon Dynavox CompassDynavox Compass (try for 30 days or  full version for ASHA Certified Professionals)- A full version for professionals with weekly resource emails with videos and tips to help learn the full potential of the app.

Other long standing free and lite versions:

133 Free or Lite Versions of AAC Apps 


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