PrAACtically November: Resources for A Year of Core Words

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PrAACtically November: Resources for A Year of Core Words
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And just like that, we’re ready to say goodbye to October. It’s been a great month of AAC Awareness events and activities (whew!), and now we are prepping for November.

Looking for some ways to help your AAC learners become more competent in using core words? Need to get staff on board with modeling core vocabulary? Trying to get familiar with where core words are stored in a particular SGD or AAC app? Here’s an approach you may want to try: Choose a dozen or so core words to focus on each month. In previous years, we shared lists of some core words to help you do just that. 

2013: A Year of Core (12 words/month)

2014: A(nother) Year of Core  (16 words/month; Note: These are different than the core words covered in 2013)

Those posts have links to downloadable grids with the core words for each month that can be used as a focal point for lesson planning.  

Our words for November are listed below.

  • Set 1 (2013): body, dress, full, guess, hi, live, maybe, one, ride, tired very, walk
  • Set 2 (2014): at, count, drive, first, few, his, least, light, none, push, real, sharp, stand, street, sun, table

The resources below are available thanks to the generosity of Brian Whitmer, Barbara Fernandes, Nancy Inman, Bill and Lori Binko, Heidi LoStracco, Alison Wade, Russell Cross, Gail Van Tatenhove, Eric Sailers, Rachael Langley, Alysha Kaufman, and others.

  1. Templates for you to plug in your own symbols: 2013 words, 2014 words
  2. Minspeak/Unity version: 2013 words
  3. PCS versions: 2013 words, 2014 words 
  4. Lesson Pix: 2013 words
  5. Symbol Stix: 2013 words
  6. Smarty Symbols: Set 1 words, Set 2 words
  7. CoughDrop: Set 1 words; Set 2 words
  8. WordPower: Set 1 words (Note: This is a large file that contains the resources for several versions of WordPower)

Rachael Langley’s calendars are a big hit among professionals and families alike. She shared a wonderful calendar of prAACtice opportunities last year and we are reprinting that here for those who would like to use it. Look at all the fun things she came up with!

PrAACtically November

You can get the current calendar, featuring the second set of core words, here. Download, print, and display for lots of fun ways to practice those high frequency words!

PrAACtically November: Resources for A Year of Core Words

Reading with children is a great way to expose them to core words, and it’s something we do with them anyway. Why not take the time to model and elicit a few core words as you read. The beauty of core vocabulary is that you can use it with ANY book. Here are some suggestions for those that give us an opportunity to use and practice the Set 1 words.

Core words are wonderful for their flexibility. We can highlight these words as we talk, teach specific lessons to strengthen use of the words, and model them throughout the day. Here are some suggestions for sentences using the first set (2013) of words in short sentences. Many thanks to Alysha Kaufman for putting this together.

PrAACtically November: Rsources for A Year of Core Words

Hope you have great month of talking and connecting with AAC!

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  • Adrienne says:

    Hi. I have recently come across your site with the A Year of Core calendars and resources. These are wonderful and I am planning to use them as guides to follow in the upcoming school year. Is there a way to find all the calendars and resources for each month for A Year of Core in one place? I have looked through different posts trying to find links but cannot find all of the months. Thanks!

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