PrAACtical Information: 5 AAC Presentation Handouts

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PrAACtical Information: 5 AAC Presentation Handouts
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In a perfect world, we’d all be able to travel to conferences whenever we wished to soak up the AAC expertise from presenters around the world. Until then, we’ll keep posting links to handouts from conferences, workshops, and inservices with AAC content.

  1. Developing Language and Communication Power Usin a Core Vocabulary Classroom Approach by Gail Van Tatenhove
  2. Getting and Keeping AAC After High School Considerations for Transitioning Students who Use AAC Now, and Who Will Need AAC in the Future by Kathryn Helland
  3. AAC Strategies and Considerations for Children with Severe Speech Disorders: Not a Substitution, Just Part of the Solution by Erinn Fincke
  4. Life Before and After PECS: Reflections on Supports for Early Communication and Language by Cathy Binger
  5. Is the iPad the Best AAC Choice? by Nykki Montano

PrAACtical Information: 5 AAC Presentation Handouts

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