Fun Finds at ATIA 2019

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Fun Finds at ATIA 2019
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As expected, the ATIA Conference in Orlando last week had a robust selection of AAC learning opportunities. Here are two of the fun finds we thought you’d like to explore.

The AAC Strand Spotlight Session

This panel asked four thought leaders in AAC to each identify two intervention challenges and discuss their ideas for addressing them. The speakers were from a variety of practice settings and addressed a range of implementation issues.

Christopher Bugaj, AAC and AT Specialist at Loudoun County Public Schools

  • Transitions & Turnovers:  Killers of Language Learning Progression
  • Keeping Up With The Training Demand

Vicki Clarke, SLP/CEO, Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc.

  • Addressing Opportunity Barriers to Participation
  • Facilitator Attitude, Knowledge, & Skill Barriers

Caroline Musselwhite, Literacy & AAC Specialist

  • Facilitating Generalization
  • Age-Respectful and Engaging Materials/Activities for Adolescents & Teens

Gail VanTatenhove, SLP/CEO, AACell, Inc.

  • Providing Person-Specific  AAC Design in an App/MAP Happy World
  • The Aging of AAC Users with Intellectual/Developmental  Disabilities

You can check out the handout from that session here.

Fun Finds from ATIA 2019


Professional Development

If you enjoy a fast-paced hour, crammed full of resources the Smackdown Sessions at ATIA are not to be missed. In the Professional Development Smackdown, participants shared their best, newest, or most creative ideas for planning, presenting, practicing, and implementing supports for AT and AAC. Hosted by Mike Marotta, Beth Poss, Diana Carl, and Chris Bugaj, the session yielded a lot of wonderful ideas for anyone involved in training and supporting AAC or AT teams. Check out all of these fabulous resources from the participants in this crowd-sourced spreadsheet.

Fun Finds from ATIA 2019

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