5 AAC Handouts from the 2012 ASHA Convention

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5 AAC Handouts from the 2012 ASHA Convention
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5 #AAC Handouts from the 2012 ASHA Convention

Maybe you didn’t get to the ASHA Convention this year. Or maybe you did, but couldn’t get to all the sessions you had hoped to attend. In either case, we’ve linked to handouts from a number of AAC presentations. Enjoy!

  1. AAC in the Common Core State Standards? Karen Erickson, Penny Hatch, Allison Dennis, & Marlene Cummings have your back. This is a project to watch!
  2. Janice Light’s presentation on Building Communicative Competence with Individuals who Require AAC: From Research to Effective Practice
  3. AAC for Adults With Acquired Neurological Conditions: Today & Tomorrow by David Beukelman, Susan Fager, Julia King, & Karen Hux
  4. Analyzing Language Development of Physically Impaired Children Using AAC Devices by Monika Ortloff, Paul Andres, Meher Banajee, & Gail Van Tatenhove
  5. Presentation by Cathy Binger and Jennifer Kent Walsh on Selecting Skills to Teach AAC Communication Partners


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