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5 Things to Do If You’re Not Confident Teaching Core Vocabulary

April 8, 2013 by - 2 Comments

5 Things to Do If You’re Not Confident Teaching Core Vocabulary

New to teaching core vocabulary in AAC? On board with the concept? Know that it’s important but find it a little intimidating to teach? Welcome to the club! Actually, it’s quite a big club but you wouldn’t know it because lots of members are still closeted. That’s okay – no one here is going to ‘out’ you. But if you want to move forward in your AAC teaching journey, here are some things to try. Breathe and forgive yourself: It’s easy to feel like everyone else knows this but you. Not true. We tend to beat ourselves up for not being out ahead of the curve, but you know what? It’s not worth it. We’re all a work in progress, so let it go and just start where you are. As one of our favorite eminent scholars** has repeatedly said, “When you know better, you do better.” Get your own... [Read More...]

133 Free & Lite Versions of AAC Apps + App Selection Resources

April 5, 2013 by - 10 Comments

133 Free & Lite AAC Apps & App Selection Resources: Updated

Here is our most recent update of free and lite versions of AAC apps for iOS and Android platform devices + a variety of resources related to AAC app selection.  We strongly continue to advocate for a systematic process for AAC app selection. We  recommend AAC app decision making in the context of a feature match process that gives appropriate attention to the full range of AAC options.  Tools to Use In Making Decisions About AAC Apps  Feature match form developed by Jessica Gosnell at Boston Children’s Hospital Feature match checklist created by Scott Marfilius and Kelly Fonner Our supplemental rubric covering language and communication features,  RELAAACs Places to Go to Find AAC Apps and Reviews  Comprehensive AAC app list for iPhone and iPad by Jane Farrall AAC Tech Connect’s Apps Assistant OCALI’s listing of apps for individuals with ASD Tech in Special Education Aidis Trust Communication App Reviews Training... [Read More...]

Happy April! Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and National Poetry Writing Month!

April 1, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

Happy APril- Celebrate Autism Acceptance & Poetry Month

There are a lot of celebrations this month. It is officially Autism Awareness Month.  A new name for this that has popped up & taken hold is Autism Acceptance Month. Awareness and/or  Acceptance seems to mean different things to different people but hopefully the intent is similar. We hope that this month is filled with great ideas to support ALL people with autism and their families. We hope that  educators, clinicians, and whole communities are inclusive, that they presume competence, and that they support communication and language using best prAACtice information and research. We do know that there is more to hope for than just this, like better employment outcomes, more appropriate accommodations, and more individualized support but if focus stays on the former, it seems then that the latter would improve. Plus we have more control (if there is such a thing) on facilitating inclusivity, presuming competence, and of course... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy-AAC in Motion: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk with Tanna Neufeld

March 28, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

AAACtual Therapy-AAC in Motion: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk with Tanna Neufeld

Tanna Neufeld hits another homerun with this post about co-treating children with multiple disabilities. Collaborating with our colleagues is both fun and challenging. Let’s take a look at the prAACtical ways that Tanna and her colleagues support kids with motor and visual impairments who are learning to use AAC.    Fridays are my favorite.  And not just for the obvious reasons (TGIF), but also because Fridays are one of the most challenging and exciting days of my work week.  Every Friday, I am lucky enough to team with my favorite PTs for joint treatment sessions to support several children with multiple motor and communication challenges. Around our center, we lovingly refer to these kids as our “motor kids”.  All of these little ones are nonverbal, and all have very complex motor challenges that significantly limit their ability to interact with traditional play and learning environments.   Many of these kids also... [Read More...]

30 Things to Do During Autism Awareness Month

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30 Things To Do During Autism Awareness Month

We love getting EVERYONE  involved in Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month.  We like to take a goal focused approach to our autism  activities by choosing projects that facilitate autism awareness & acceptance, positive attitudes, and  autism & communication learning.  We pass out materials, have contests, go to events, do extra talks, and try and engage EVERYONE we know and even some we do not know.  We do a lot of shopping (with small amount of money, but we have to EAT and accessorize).  Our families, pets, friends, and students all participate.  It is a month filled with purposeful fun.  Here are some of the things we will be doing. Please share any activities or projects that you know about. Read & share 5 references that support the use of AAC & Autism (evidence based research) Check out the Online Autistic Carnival which is currently accepting submission of various video documentaries (music, art, writing,... [Read More...]

Daylight Savings Time & PrAACtical Behavior

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Daylight Savings TIme & PrAACtical Behavior

We have noticed that daylight savings time has been difficult for some of the learners that we know (for more about this see Karla Fisher’s ASD page). Sleep patterns seem to have been out of whack which in turn may lead to some re-emergence of behaviors that may pose challenges in speech-language sessions.  However, instead of getting frustrated, this is the time to get more organized, teach more high priority communication (“need an extra break today”), and in some ways be more flexible. Be prepared to use the visual supports that keep learners focused, highly interested, and organized.  By staying with the basics, there will be no need to sacrifice in AAC & language learning time.   Remember to Use: Choice Boards– Give lots of choices. When we choose what we do, we are more likely to be interested and participatory. The session goals can remain the same but a... [Read More...]

10 AAC Things to do for PrAACtically Free in 10 Minutes or Less

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10 AAC Things to do for Free in 10 Minutes or Less

  Subscribe to a blog with an AAC focus– Spectronics Blogs, Uncommon Sense, Jane Farrall Consulting, PrAACtical AAC Program a one hit message device and use it for a new reason– 101+ Things to do with a Big Mac or Other Single Message Communication Devices Follow an AAC topic Pinterest board– PrAACtical AAC, AAC by Katie Ahern, AT/AAC/Adapt/Modify/Accessibility/Accommodations, AT for Communication, AAC by Constantly Speaking, Communication-AAC Print out and hang up or give someone an AAC Awareness Image– 10 Commandments of AAC Devices, AAC It’s as Easy as 1,2,3 Register for a free AAC professional development webinar from Ablenet Print out an AAC Poster– AAC Boot Camp-Getting AAC Users to Communicate, The Periodic Table of AAC, Learn about technology and apps for AAC and learning from Pinterest– Lauren Enders Pinterest Boards, Tech in Special Education Print out song visual supports Read a Tar Heel Reader Book with an AAC learner... [Read More...]

It’s PrAACtically February: A Calendar & Planning

January 30, 2013 by - 1 Comment

PrAACtically February- Getting ready, A Calendar and Planning

January is (was) a fairly crazy and busy month for us. After a late back to school week, the CARD Conference, the Dan Marino Foundation WalkAbout Autism, and ATIA Conference (hope to see you there), we got a bit of a late start on a few things. To stay ahead of ourselves, we want to end January by being ready for February…… For February, we have a calendar for incorporating AAC into everyday activities (it goes with yesterday’s post 28 things to do).   Feel free to print out and share and use anyway you want to promote PrAACtical AAC. A PDF version (free) can be found at our Teachers Pay Teachers site. Our new Strategy of the Month (on Saturday) will focus on Communication & Language Beyond Requesting.  There are no pre-requisites to learning and being immersed in ALL of the reasons to communicate (communication functions). For some learners, it... [Read More...]

“Can I ask you a question?” Using Language Experience Surveys

January 23, 2013 by - 3 Comments

Want to give your AAC learners more frequent opportunities to interact with others? We love using Language Experience Surveys for this purpose. The concept is a simple one. Once you have a language goal in mind, craft a survey with a key question that the communicator can use as a conversation starter. After some instruction and practice, they can then ask people the question. You’ll need to create visual supports for the survey so that the communicator can use it as a cue and show to the interaction partners. In some surveys, the partners then use the visual support to record their responses. Putting the visual support on a clipboard works well in some situations. The simplest way to do this is with a forced-choice question with a list of response options. The survey could be about favorite TV shows or places to visit, for example, and show different options.... [Read More...]

There’s lots of Apps for That!

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Requesting & Choice Making: There's Lot's of Apps for That

As the saying goes, there is an app for ‘that’.  There are now a lot of apps, and a lot of apps for choice making and requesting.  Here are a few just a few of the many, many options: Preference Assessment App Preference & Reinforcer Assessment- Autism & Special Education Requesting & Choice Making Choice Board Creator My Choice Board Look 2 Learn  AAC Apps (fully customizable and can easily make folders of choice boards, but also do a lot more) Go Talk Now Free & Go Talk Now   PictureCanTalk So Much 2  Say- Picture Communication *All of the AAC apps can inherently be used for requesting and choice making. Check out  Jane Farrall’s AAC Apps  for a comprehensive list and our post listing 119 free and light versions of AAC apps and for more options check out the AAC Appy Store. Apps for Creating No Tech Communication and Choice Boards Custom Boards Picture Card... [Read More...]