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5 "Go To" Sites for AAC & Visual Support Downloads

April 25, 2012 by - 2 Comments

5 "Go To" Sites for AAC & Visual Support Downloads

We’ve shared a number of resources for downloadable AAC materials in previous posts like this and on some of our Pinterest boards. Sometimes we start from scratch but other times we check out what other professionals and families have created, then download and adapt them for our use. It’s wonderful to see the generous online community growing! Here are some more sites we like for AAC and visual support downloads. – 1. For Visual Supports from Hamilton Boone Madison Special Services Cooperative 2. From Special Education Technology-British Columbia: PictureSet 3. Free software with symbols for making visual supports: QuickPics Symbols from Patrick Ecker 4. Behavioral supports from eLearning Visuals 5. Wonderful activities to support language and literacy from Dr. Caroline Musselwhite – Where do you go for online materials to download materials for your AAC work?

Big Ideas on AAC Systems

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Magic Moments: AAC Intervention with Apps You Love - Painting with Time

I had some great conversations with families this month about AAC and how to effectively translate strategies from therapy and school to a home environment. Although their children were all different ages, had various disabilities, and used a diverse set of AAC tools, there were a couple of common elements in those conversations.One thing that played a central role was this question: What IS an AAC system? We all know the textbook definition of AAC and that it refers to a set of tools, techniques, and strategies used to enhance the communication of people with significant language difficulties. We know that AAC is often subdivided into unaided communication (including gestures, signs, movement, vocalization, etc) and aided communication (such as communication books, speech generating devices [SGDs], and choice boards).But the general case is only helpful if you’re in AAC class or studying for the PRAXIS. In clinical practice, we need to... [Read More...]