Celebrating AAC Awareness Month 2018

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Celebrating AAC Awareness Month 2018
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Let the celebrations begin! October is more than pumpkins and Halloween. It’s internationally recognized as AAC Awareness Month and it offers a wonderful opportunity for spreading the word as to how we can support people with complex communication needs. Looking for a few ideas that you can use in celebrating AAC Awareness Month? Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Light up your social media feeds with AAC Awareness messages. We’ve got some graphics to help you out.
  2. Make plans to attend ATIA 2019 for lots of AAC content. Early Bird conference registration closes on October 5 at 5 p.m. CST. Click here for registration information.
    • USSAAC members receive an additional 5% off registration with the code: 19USSAAC5.
    • Join me, Vicki Clarke, Lori Wise, and Kim Galant for a full day of AAC implementation at our pre-conference workshop on Starting an AAC Journey. More info here (scroll down to Session PRE10W) or scroll down for interactive material on this session.
  3. Subscribe to a blog with an AAC content, such as Uncommon Sense, Jane Farrall Consulting, AAC Girls, or Superpower Speech.
  4. Follow a new AAC topical Pinterest board from Lauren Enders and others:  AAC and ATAT/AAC/Adapt/Modify/Accessibility/Accommodations, AT for Communication, SLP AAC, & AugCommAAC by Constantly Speaking, Communication-AAC
  5. Stock your AAC toolkit by taking advantage of deep discounts on AAC apps. Click here for the first set of sales. Each Friday, we’ll publish an updated list.
  6. Print, hang, or give someone an AAC awareness image, such as the 10 Commandments of AAC Devices
  7. Register for a free AAC professional development webinar from Ablenet University
  8. Print out an AAC Poster, like Lauren Enders’ AAC Boot Camp-Getting AAC Users to Communicate or Kate Ahern’s The Periodic Table of AAC,
  9. Explore an AAC app or SGD that is new to you
  10. Print out song visual supports
  11. Read a Tar Heel Reader Book with an AAC learner
  12. Use Aided Language Input while talking to AAC learners (for 10 minutes…. or more)
  13. Learn more about AAC supports for challenging behavior
  14. Consider providing an AAC training. Browse Tabi Jones-Wohleber’s original PPT material for inspiration OR tune into her 11-part MASTER PAL series here. Slides, talking points, activity ideas, video links, and handouts are all included (free downloads).
  15. Join a month-long AAC conversation (formerly the 24-Hour AAC Chat) with people who use AAC, families, and professionals on Facebook. Click here to join the fun!

Do you have AAC awareness activities that you’d like to share in a future blog post? Reach out to us here so we can help to spread the word about AAC.


On the graphic below, use the slider on the right to scroll through and see the details. You can also download a PDF of it here.


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