PrAACtically July – AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words

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PrAACtically July – AAC Resources for A Year of Core Words
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Planning for comprehensive core vocabulary instruction? The Year of Core Vocabulary Words has resources that can be helpful to therapists, educators, and families. We’re reprising a past post for anyone interested in following along and utilizing the resources developed by quite a few people in the AAC community.

The initial Year of Core Vocabulary series was based on a small set of core words for each month (see that post here). We followed that with a second set of Year of Core Vocabulary Word resources for a new list of words (click here for that post). Among the many resources are the activity calendars created by AAC SLP and co-founder of Talking AAC, Rachael Langley. Many other contributors over the years added to these efforts.

You can access the resources for July words by clicking on the image below.

Set 1 & Set 2 WordsResources for July Set 1 & Set 2 Core Words


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