PrAACtical Thinking How We Do It: Essential TRICKs for Supporting AAC in Schools, Part 2

Published on May 9th, 2013 | by Carole Zangari

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How We Do It: Essential TRICKs for Supporting AAC in Schools, Part 2

How We Do It: Essential TRICKs for Supporting AAC in Schools, Part 2Today we welcome back 3 SLPs from the Orange County Public School (OCPS) AT team, Cathy George, Marcia Sterner, and Marcia Piersall. They are part of a very active and competent AT Team that supports over 700 students with dedicated AAC devices. It is no surprise that they’ve come up with a list of  5 essential TRICKs that they count on to help them support these students and their educational teams. You can read about the first 2 TRICKS, Try It and Resources, here and download some of their terrific resources. Today, we learn about the rest of their TRICKs: Information, Can’t Live Without It, and Kick It Up A Notch.

Give Me Five: Essential TRICKS, Part 2

  1. INFORMATION about the student
    1. Student interests
    2. What systems previously tried
    3. What tasks s/he is struggling with
    4. Trial data sheet– Communicative competence organizer
  2. CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT: In addition to AAC devices, these are auxiliary items in our screening toolkits
    1. Motivating activities and edibles w/ varying attributes (targeted by student info)
    2. “Working for” chart
    3. Manipulable flap books at  AND
    4. Iphone / camera for short video clips to add to file
    5. Screwdriver, batteries, thumb drive, charging cords, and Velcro
  3. KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Partner strategies
    1. Aided language/modeling
    2. ECT communication strategies and prompt hierarchy
    3. Device Visual Reminders-Device checklists and AAC Superstars (in Boardmaker Share)
    4. Getting Started with your MCB, static /dynamic display device


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