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HijAACked! Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters

April 7, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

HijAACked- Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters

  Toca Boca App Developers make general education preschool apps. They are dedicated to providing interactive play opportunities using mobile technology.  We have loved every one of their apps since we first saw them.   There seems to be some philosophical similarities between the Toca Boca Apps and so we will begin with why we love ALL of them.  We have found them to be engaging to all ages (including us).  They also provide practice and interaction with life experiences in a fun and pretend tech way.  We love the beautiful artwork.  We love that they are reasonably priced, often participate in ‘give aways’ and they even do free GIFTS  (think Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift and now Toca Kitchen Monsters).  We use these apps so often that we can say we have officially HijAACked them for PrAACtical AAC. We have HijAACked ALL of these apps to use with AAC... [Read More...]

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