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How to Use a Countdown Board

January 13, 2013 by - 3 Comments

We’re big fans of visual supports and strategies that help individuals with AAC needs have a clear understanding of what is being expected of them. This video demonstrates a simple countdown board (called a visual timer here) that is used to show the AAC learners how much they need to do before moving onto another activity.  Sue King, the teacher who made this video and blogs at TeacherSpace, did a great job of clearly explaining how to use a countdown board. We also love the prAACtical way that Ms. King individualizes the countdown board based on a learner’s individual interests. We’re ready to make some based on coffee, or maybe chocolates of the world. Who’s in?

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PrAActical AAC Thoughts About Challenging Behavior

July 28, 2012 by - 1 Comment

PrAACtical AAC Thoughts About Challenging Behavior

Some PrAACtical AAC thoughts about challenging behavior:  I wonder if it is ok to say that we love seeing challenging behavior during speech-language therapy sessions or observations.  Well, I said it, both of us do, because if we really ‘listen’ then we can figure out what to teach that will really help our students.   We tend to prioritize our goals into High Priority and General Priority.  Challenging behavior and the communication message behind it, definitely falls into high priority.  This is because challenging behavior in students limits experiences, limits interaction, and overall limits opportunities for people to get to know you. Consider Challenging Behavior through  Communication Glasses   Is it really Challenging Behavior? behavior that is or can be destructive or hurtful. Examples include but are not limited to: hitting, biting, spitting, throwing, pounding,  etc. (Note:  we are not talking about poor eye contact or poor attention to task or even laughing... [Read More...]

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What Works!

April 19, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

What Works

We have many students who are getting older. It’s a time many of our families are looking at transition steps.  Some families are interested in employment opportunities, others in having their now adult children live outside the home with a little or a lot of support, and others just wish there was a place for them to go after school ends.  .  It is difficult finding quality options. Even if there are options, it seems ‘they’ want the ‘easy’ people.  (disclaimer: Now I move from the ‘we’ into the ‘me’ since Carole has been on vacation and I have been dealing with some ‘crap’ and don’t want to speak for Carole since I am hoping she is relaxed and positive).  So here goes…. I could argue now that there are no ‘easy’ people.  I could rant now because it has been one of those days where not a lot has... [Read More...]

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