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Do you know: Visuals Work!

March 29, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Do You KNow- Visuals Work?

Visuals Work– We just love the name of this app developer company.  They describe themselves as providing visual learning strategies for the autism and related communities. We know that visuals work but are so glad that the word continues to spread.  We hope soon everyone knows and then makes the decision to incorporate visual language into the education of children and students with communication difficulties.   Visuals Work develop great e-book apps (iOS format/iTunes) that incorporate information about different holiday themes.  The apps usually teach new vocabulary, prepositions, and questions within a commenting format.  The apps are usually customizable so that the story can work for any age.  Most of Visuals Work apps usually are free or very low cost (.99 cents). Well, they have done it again. They just released Easter with Bunny, Rabbit, and Me (eBook/App).  It’s Available Free through iTunes! This Easter story was created by Lorrie Ann... [Read More...]

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Games are More Than Fun… Gaming for ALL

March 9, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Games are More than Fun

  ‘Gaming’- not something we typically associate with AAC, but we know that it is often the topic of conversation for kids, teens, and even adults, therefore, it is a topic that goes with AAC.  Gaming can have a positive impact on socialization, interaction, communication, and inclusion associated with ‘gaming’.  The gaming experience can be a topic of conversation before, during, and after the actual game experience. Gaming can be added to an activity  schedule or on a choice board.  A mini-schedule can be created to teach the steps to setting up a game, playing the game, or to invite a friend to game.   Gaming is part of our pop culture (think Mario Brothers…). So we believe it should be an option if so desired. We would not be thought of as gamers.  We have liked games and at times even loved them (think Astroids & Pac-Man), however we have not... [Read More...]

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National Quilting Day & Employment

March 3, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

National QUilting Day & Employment

Did you know that March 17, 2012 was National Quilting Day?  We didn’t know either until we found out about a great business called Keepsake Quilts.  Keepsake Quilts takes your old tee-shirts, those tee-shirts that may have been around for years and are more about the memories then the article of clothing and sews them into a beautiful quilt.  And if that isn’t enough to make you love them, it gets even better. This is a nonprofit business with a social mission. The  mission is to promote an environment that supports and enhances work skills, interpersonal communication and self-esteem among people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  ALl of the employees are deaf or hard of hearing they donate profits to deaf initiatives and deaf youth programs.  As we read about the employees, it was interesting to note that a favorite reason for working at Keepsake was that there... [Read More...]

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Commenting to the Max!

February 21, 2012 by - 2 Comments

Commenting to the Max

Communication and language involves so much more than requesting.  Without much effort, communicators with typical language development and even delayed language development communicate for many  reasons.   Showing or telling about a shared interest comes easily and is a form of commenting to communicate.   Commenting is one of the most social reasons that we communicate.  So, it makes perfect sense that children with social communication disorders may not have an easy time with these social aspects of communication and language.  We know many children who frequently use long  (or short) sentences to say ‘I want the blue truck’, ‘I want the big ball’, or even ‘Can I have the cold drink’.  They may even communicate frequently to ask for toys, games, or activities of their choice. All of the requesting is GREAT but not enough to be part of comprehensive conversations and social language interactions.  It is not that children with... [Read More...]

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5 Quick Steps to Getting Started with the Unconventional Communicator

January 6, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

We know that ALL people communicate. However, when someone has  communication challenges,  their signals may not always be obvious or conventional.  Here is our Quick Step Guide to getting to know about someone’s specific communication.  Using these steps will help facilitate spontaneous communication and move communication along the continuum of conventionality and symbolism.   1.  Observe:   What are they doing that is potentially communicative?  Look for clues in behaviors.  Consider  proximity, persistence, expressions, repetition, intensity, or anything else that might expresses a message.  More ideas from the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness. Great information that is applicable to a wide range of early communicators. Don’t rule this out until you’ve looked at it.   2. Interpret: What does that behavior mean? Think about what would they ‘say’ if there was no communication problem. It can be a positive message (‘I want that’, ‘oh come on pretty please’) or a negative message... [Read More...]

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