Do you know: Visuals Work!

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Do You KNow- Visuals Work?
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Visuals Work– We just love the name of this app developer company.  They describe themselves as providing visual learning strategies for the autism and related communities. We know that visuals work but are so glad that the word continues to spread.  We hope soon everyone knows and then makes the decision to incorporate visual language into the education of children and students with communication difficulties.  

Visuals Work develop great e-book apps (iOS format/iTunes) that incorporate information about different holiday themes.  The apps usually teach new vocabulary, prepositions, and questions within a commenting format.  The apps are usually customizable so that the story can work for any age.  Most of Visuals Work apps usually are free or very low cost (.99 cents).

Well, they have done it again. They just released Easter with Bunny, Rabbit, and Me (eBook/App).  It’s Available Free through iTunes!

This Easter story was created by Lorrie Ann Harrington, to teach her son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, new vocabulary, ‘wh’ questions, other language-based concepts, and social communication skills.

She found that by incorporating his interests, he stays more engaged and interactive with the teaching topic.   The ebook app has very dynamic stock pictures but can be modified with personal images.  Visuals work supports visual learning through ebook app development.

Find out how visuals work through personal e-books.


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