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Listen to Me About What I Need & Want

June 12, 2013 by - 5 Comments

Listen to me about what I need and want

Some thoughts in poem form about communication, technology, and preferences.  It humorously illustrates a high priority communication perspective.  It was written as part of a learning challenge for a graduate course .  It is reprinted with permission from the author Stacy Ganwer. Listen to Me AboutWhat I Need & Want by Stacy Gangwer Would you like my advice? On this device I use it to talk Even when I walk I use it everyday Even when I play I would like it to be small So I can still throw a ball This device needs to be tough Sometimes I’m rough on stuff It would be cool If I could use it by the pool I like things that are easy to learn So it doesn’t have to be returned I don’t have a ton of money So let’s not be funny If it could be cheap I won’t have... [Read More...]

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