Listen to Me About What I Need & Want

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Listen to me about what I need and want
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Some thoughts in poem form about communication, technology, and preferences.  It humorously illustrates a high priority communication perspective.  It was written as part of a learning challenge for a graduate course .  It is reprinted with permission from the author Stacy Ganwer.

Listen to Me AboutWhat I Need & Want

by Stacy Gangwer

Would you like my advice?

On this device

I use it to talk

Even when I walk

I use it everyday

Even when I play

I would like it to be small

So I can still throw a ball

This device needs to be tough

Sometimes I’m rough on stuff

It would be cool

If I could use it by the pool

I like things that are easy to learn

So it doesn’t have to be returned

I don’t have a ton of money

So let’s not be funny

If it could be cheap

I won’t have to go in debt deep

Thanks for understanding

I’m trying not to be to demanding!



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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Alison W says:

    Good poem!

    Also check out the animated music video, “Assistive Technology Boogie”, which is now a little dated, but very cute, and a good AT intro for people who have limited experience with AT. It’s available as a flash video on, or as a YouTube video. – Alison

  • Benjamin Cardiff says:

    Hello Robin, I am a Special Education Teacher-candidate at Illinois State University. I love the poem. What inspired you to write it?


    • Robin Parker says:

      Hi. Thanks so much for writing. It was not me who wrote it, but one of my graduate students, Stacy Gangwar). It was an optional assignment called Learner Challenges and it was to review the ‘Assistive Technology Boogie’ ( and make an updated poem or song about it. She did a great job, I agree.

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