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5 Apps for Tempting Commenting & Other Language!

April 26, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

5 Apps for Tempting Commenting & Other Language

  Temptation can be hard but when we tempt for commenting- we don’t want to hold back.  With that in mind, we thought about some comment tempting apps.  We found many great free or close to free apps  that are very likely to tempt commenting from everyone who plays.  Commenting, by definition, is a social reason to communicate.  So be sure to ‘app together’ when the purpose of app play is to ‘tempt’ commenting. Toca Boca Paint My Wings – Cool Commenting About–  The beautiful symmetrically painted butterflies, The humming of the butterflies during drawing, & the language modeling of comments from the butterflies when touching them and saving their picture (i.e, ‘oh fancy’, ‘I’m not ticklish’, ‘Awesome’, ‘that’s a pretty color’- should I have quoted the butterfly??) . Nasa Lunar Electric Rover Simulator– Cool Commenting Because – It is easy to crash, run out of power, and get stuck.... [Read More...]

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